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Burundi orders UN to close Human Rights office in Bujumbura (06.12.2018)

Burundi’s government has reportedly asked the United Nations Human Rights Council to close its office in the country within two months, according to foreign ministry and UN sources. … Burundi had suspended collaboration with the human rights office since October 2016.

Burundian must take lead in launching inclusive dialogue to end political crisis – UN envoy (21.11.2018)

The absence of an inclusive political dialogue in Burundi has left country fragile amid the humanitarian, economic and financial difficulties and ongoing security threats, the United Nations Special Envoy there told the Security Council on Wednesday. … He noted that the security situation in...

IBD facilitator Mkapa optimistic about Burundi peace talks (30.10.2018)

The curtain of the fifth Inter Burundi Dialogue (IBD) came down yesterday with former Tanzanian President Benjamin William Mkapa expressing his optimism about peace talks.

UN rights chief denounces Burundi for ‘belligerent and defamatory’ attack on inquiry team (25.10.2018)

The top United Nations human rights official has called on Burundi to “immediately retract” its threat to try and prosecute members of a UN Commission of Inquiry into rights abuses in the central African nation.

EU renews sanctions until 31 October 2019 (25.10.2018)

On 25 October 2018, the Council renewed the EU restrictive measures against Burundi until 31 October 2019. These measures consist of a travel ban and asset freeze against four persons whose activities were deemed to be undermining democracy or obstructing the search for a political solution to the...

Last Burundi round of talks falter (24.10.2018)

The East African Community-mediated Inter-Burundi dialogue, scheduled for Wednesday, October 24, seemed to falter after the government and ruling party delegates failed to turn up. … The 5th session is supposed to be the last round of talks that will mainly focus on the roadmap towards a free and...

Burundi talks to end in October (13.10.2018)

The fifth and last session of the Intra-Burundi dialogue is expected to kick off on October 24, with the focus a road map for a free and fair 2020 general election.

Aid groups denounce Burundi’s 3-month ban on NGOs (03.10.2018)

Aid groups are decrying Burundi’s decision to suspend nongovernmental organizations, amid ongoing concerns about human rights violations in the country. The action by Burundi’s National Security Council stops the work of groups such as Doctors Without Borders and Catholic Relief Services, both of...

Burundi threatens to quit UN human rights body (18.09.2018)

Burundi, beset by accusations of crimes against humanity, threatened to withdraw from the UN Human Rights Council and sue its critics. A UN Commission of Inquiry, set up in 2016, published a detailed 272-page report saying government and its supporters were responsible for crimes against humanity....

Burundi under fire for expelling UN human rights team (12.09.2018)

Burundi’s ambassador in Geneva struggled to explain to the UN Human Rights Council why his government threw out a UN team the Council, with Burundi’s backing, sent to investigate human rights abuses.

‘They’re hiding the bodies’ after summary executions, say UN investigators (05.09.2018)

Serious rights violations are continuing in Burundi, including summary executions and hate speech at the highest level of government, UN-appointed investigators said on Wednesday. In their second report on the deteriorating human rights situation in the Great Lakes country, the Commission of...

UN Envoy urges Burundi leaders to ‘seize opportunities for national unity and peace’ (09.08.2018)

The Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Burundi, Michel Kafando, has called on the country’s leaders to “seize the opportunity” offered by the recent adoption of a new constitution, to create a new political environment that is “conducive to the consolidation of national unity and peace”.

Opponents of constitutional change in Burundi face torture and execution: UN investigators (27.06.2018)

In Burundi, opponents of constitutional reform supported by the Government have faced torture and execution amid a “continuing environment of threats and intimidation”, senior UN investigators said on Wednesday. Reporting to the Human Rights Council, the Commission of Inquiry on Burundi delivered...

Burundi’s president will not contest presidency in 2020: report (07.06.2018)

Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza promised on Thursday not to seek re-election when his term ends in 2020, easing fears of fresh violence in the impoverished country. Nkurunziza had been widely expected to take advantage of recent changes to the constitution to stand for two more terms -...

UN envoy urges ‘inclusive’ talks to resolve crisis in Burundi (25.05.2018)

Briefing the Security Council a week after the country voted in favour of a new constitution, Michel Kafando, the Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Burundi said that voting has passed off with relative calm but that some irregularities had been reported by civil society groups and...

Central African leaders turn to constitutional changes to cement power (22.05.2018)

Voters in Burundi have backed wide-ranging constitutional changes that will reinforce the power of the president, Pierre Nkurunziza, potentially allowing him to rule for up to 14 more years after his current term expires in 2020. The measures were approved by 75% of voters, with 17% opposed, on a...

Violence ahead of Burundi vote to extend president's term to 2034 (14.05.2018)

Millions of voters in Burundi will go to the polls this week in a referendum that could allow President Pierre Nkurunziza to stay in power until 2034. After a campaign marked by allegations of widespread human rights abuses and hate speech, members of Burundi’s divided and weakened opposition see...

U.S. denounces Burundi political violence ahead of vote (01.05.2018)

The U.S. State Department on Tuesday denounced recent political violence in Burundi ahead of the country’s May 17 referendum to amend its constitution and expressed concerns that the vote to extend its president’s term in office could hurt its democratic institutions.

Talks remain ineffective as Burundi’s crisis continues (25.04.2018)

In early December 2017, a new round of talks led by the East African Community (EAC) was initiated in Arusha, Tanzania, with the aim of reaching an agreement to end the Burundian crisis. … However the mediation process still shows signs of being highly fractured and is yet to achieve tangible...

Burundi MPs approve police searches without warrants (19.04.2018)

The lower house of Burundi's parliament has voted to allow security forces in the politically tense nation to conduct night raids without a search warrant. The draft law changing the criminal code was passed late Wednesday in the lower house, with 90 votes in favour and 22 against after eight hours...

Security Council urges dialogue amid deteriorating political and humanitarian situation (05.04.2018)

Expressing deep concern over the slow pace of the inter-Burundian dialogue and the lack of engagement by the Government, the United Nations Security Council called on all stakeholders, in particular the authorities to commit to the dialogue and reach an agreement ahead of the 2020 elections.

Burundi to hold referendum on extending presidential terms in May (19.03.2018)

Burundi’s President Pierre Nkurunziza on Sunday set May 17 as the date for a referendum that could extend his rule for at least a decade.

Burundi ruling party titles Nkurunziza 'visionary' ahead of referendum (13.03.2018)

The country is due to hold a referendum in May on whether to amend the constitution to extend presidential terms to seven years from five. The proposed changes would limit the president to two consecutive terms but would not take into account previous terms, potentially extending Nkurunziza's rule...

Situation in Burundi ‘not suitable’ for credible elections – UN official (26.02.2018)

Urgent efforts are needed to keep the “hard-won” gains in Burundi from eroding, a senior United Nations official told the Security Council on Monday, noting that while the security situation is calm, there is still the potential for volatility as political tensions persist. … The environment is...

Burundi compiles new electoral roll despite protest (08.02.2018)

The inscription of voters for a constitutional referendum that could allow Burundi's president to prolong his rule began Thursday in Burundi, the independent national electoral commission (CENI) announced. If accepted by the electorate, the constitutional change passed by the government last...

The Burundi peace talks are all wrong (19.12.2017)

Not only has the latest round of peace negotiations has failed. It has also fundamentally misdiagnosed the problem in the first place.

Faced by weakened opposition, Nkurunziza bids to extend rule (13.12.2017)

Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza launched a campaign on Tuesday for constitutional changes that could keep him in power until 2034. Coming two years after a violent crackdown on opponents of Nkurunziza’s bid for a third term, it is unclear what form opposition to the move will take.

Burundi opposition platform boycotts new round of peace talks (28.11.2017)

Burundi’s main opposition grouping said it is boycotting peace talks that resumed on Tuesday in Tanzania, leaving little chance that the negotiations will end simmering political violence that has claimed hundreds of lives.

Continuing support for Burundi political process only way forward, Security Council told (20.11.2017)

Despite challenges towards inclusive dialogue in Burundi, the United Nations must continue to support the political process there, the Organization's envoy to the east African country told the Security Council on Monday.

Burundi rejects International Criminal Court war crimes investigation (11.11.2017)

Burundi said on Friday it will refuse to cooperate with an International Criminal Court (ICC) investigation into war crimes prosecutors suspect were committed by forces loyal to President Pierre Nkurunziza’s government against their political opponents. The court ordered a formal investigation on...

ICC orders war crimes probe in Burundi (09.11.2017)

The International Criminal Court (ICC) has granted chief prosecutor Fatou Bensouda's request to open war crimes investigation in Burundi. … In a statement Thursday, the court said it allowed the probe on October 25, two days before Burundi formally withdrew from the Rome Statute that established...

Burundian refugees: it's not safe to go home (01.11.2017)

Political unrest and violence prompted more than 400,000 people to flee Burundi and relocate to nearby countries, primarily Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania. Despite appeals from Burundi and other central African countries to leave their camps and repatriate, Burundian political refugees say they...

Burundi takes steps to extend president's rule as crisis deepens (28.10.2017)

Burundi’s cabinet backed a constitutional change that would allow its president to stay in office until 2034, widening a political rift that has driven the country progressively deeper into crisis.

Burundi quits International Criminal Court (27.10.2017)

One month after a scathing United Nations report that called for a criminal investigation likely to lead back to its leaders, Burundi has withdrawn from the International Criminal Court, becoming the first country in the world to do so.

Burundi’s newest, biggest rebel group (03.10.2017)

Who are the Popular Forces of Burundi? On 27 August, Burundian rebel leader Major General Jérémie Ntiranyibagira announced the reorganisation of the militant group, the Republican Forces of Burundi (Forebu). Via a recorded statement, he declared a name change to the Popular Forces of Burundi (FPB)...

UN Human Rights Council extends Burundi rights probe (29.09.2017)

The U.N. Human Rights Council voted on Friday to extend the mandate of a Commission of Inquiry into human rights in Burundi, dealing a blow to an attempt by a group of African countries to replace the commission with a different team.

UN agrees new team of experts for Burundi but EU and US decry move (28.09.2017)

The U.N. Human Rights Council agreed on Thursday to send experts to work with Burundi's government in pursuing perpetrators of "deplorable crimes" but the European Union and United States criticised the resolution. They said the last-minute move presented by African nations failed to take into...

The Burundian army’s dangerous over-reliance on peacekeeping (07.09.2017)

Burundi needs international peacekeeping missions to keep its troops paid and happy. Peacekeeping missions need Burundian troops. But for how long?

UN independent panel calls for ICC probe into possible crimes against humanity (05.09.2017)

Having concluded that serious human rights violations, including executions and sexual violence, are continuing in Burundi with impunity, a United Nations-appointed expert panel will ask the International Criminal Court (ICC) to open an investigation into possible crimes against humanity.

'No sign of positive evolution' in Burundi, says head of independent UN rights probe (21.08.2017)

Ahead of next month's presentation to the United Nations Human Rights Council, an independent panel today said that the human rights situation in Burundi has not improved.

Amid 'political impasse' in Burundi, Security Council urges all parties to cease violence (02.08.2017)

The United Nations Security Council today expressed “deep concern” over the political situation in Burundi – including increasing numbers of refugees and reports of torture, forced disappearances and extrajudicial killings – and strongly urged the Government and all parties to immediately cease and...

UN envoy reiterates inclusive dialogue, regional support to political process (26.07.2017)

[…] The United Nations Special Envoy to Burundi Michel Kafando noted that authorities in Burundi and the opposition have diverging views on the political situation in the country, in a difficult socio-economic context, but consider the situation calm and seek to preserve their national sovereignty...

Do Burundi's peace talks stand a chance? (14.07.2017)

Burundi's government and opposition alliance plan to meet at the end of July for talks to end the country's two year political conflict. As tensions escalate, this goal looks less likely by the day.

Burundi purging army on ethnic lines – report (05.07.2017)

Burundian authorities intensified an ethnically-driven purge of the army this year, risking renewed civil war in the central African nation, a French rights group said.

Senior UN official urges steps towards political dialogue amid ongoing fragility (20.06.2017)

Amid Burundi's “fragile” security situation, marked by recent grenade attacks in the capital, Bujumbura, a senior United Nations political official told the Security Council today that regional actors and international partners must press for confidence-building measures that would be conducive for...

UN investigators say Burundian forces still torturing, killing opponents (15.06.2017)

Burundian security forces and allied militia are still abducting, torturing and killing people with almost total impunity, UN investigators said on Thursday, an accusation fiercely denied by Burundi.

UN concerned about surge in killed and forced disappearances in Burundi (19.04.2017)

Dozens of unidentified bodies have been found across Burundi and incidents of torture by security forces and night raids on opposition homes by militias have surged, a top UN human rights official said.

Grotesque rape chants expose 'campaign of terror' in Burundi – UN rights chief (18.04.2017)

Raising alarm over an apparent “widespread pattern” of rallies in many places across Burundi where young men from the Imbonerakure militia – the youth wing of the ruling political party – repeatedly chant a call to impregnate or kill opponents, the top United Nations human rights official has...

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