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UN Office in Burundi (UN-Peacebuilding)
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Looming polls raise Burundi’s risk profile (17.04.2014)

As the country gears up for elections at some yet-to-be-determined date next year, several issues are setting the crisis needle twitching.

UN concerned at ‘troubling’ political developments in Burundi (10.04.2014)

The United Nations today called on the Government of Burundi to address ongoing political violence and restrictions on human rights, saying it is receiving “troubling” information about recent developments in the country.

US urges Burundi to drop constitution changes, avoid ‘dark days’ (08.04.2014)

Samantha Power, the U.S. ambassador to the United Nations met President Pierre Nkurunziza - who might be allowed to run for a third term under a new constitution - and told him he should leave the current system in place.

Security Council extends UN mission in Burundi until December 2014 (13.02.2014)

In its resolution the Council asked Mr. Ban to prepare BNUB's transition and the transfer of appropriate responsibilities to the country team by 31 December, and urged it and its component agencies to scale up their activities and programming during the transition.

Ethnic power-sharing under threat in Burundi, says party (12.02.2014)

Burundi's junior coalition party has accused the president of undermining a delicate power-sharing deal, a constitutional requirement that has kept ethnic tensions in check. … Adding to tensions, the U.N. Security Council will decide on Thursday whether to renew the mandate of a U.N. mission tasked...

Ban proposes extending UN mission in Burundi despite Government's request to end it (28.01.2014)

Despite Burundi's request that the United Nations mission helping it recover from decades of ethnic war end by mid-2014, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon is recommending its renewal for another full year as the country moves towards crucial elections amid political violence and intra-party tensions.

Alarm over Burundi’s planned constitution changes (18.12.2013)

Opposition parties accuse the government of unilaterally pushing for changes that would strengthen the executive and upset a delicate balance of power - between the country’s Hutu majority and Tutsi minority - enshrined in the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement for Burundi, which was signed...

Burundi at crossroads: tensions are rising ahead of the 2015 elections (23.10.2013)

In a climate of political uncertainty and unresolved tensions, Burundians are preparing to go to the polls in 2015. It has been fifteen years since the Arusha Peace and Reconciliation Agreement brought to an end the seven-year civil war. … Signatories to the accords and civil society groups claim...

Burundi ex-rebel leaves hiding (06.08.2013)

Burundi's main opposition leader and ex-rebel Agathon Rwasa has come out of hiding after three years. He denied that he had been abroad and said he would stand in 2015 presidential elections.

Secretary-General hails commitment of Burundian political actors to dialogue (11.03.2013)

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today commended Burundian political actors’ commitment to dialogue as all political parties met in the country’s capital, Bujumbura, for the first time since 2010 to discuss issues related to the electoral process.

Security Council extends for another year mandate of UN office in Burundi (13.02.2013)

The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations political mission in Burundi for another year to support peace and long-term development in the country, as well as to redouble efforts to tackle corruption and allow people the freedom to organize ahead of the presidential and...

Burundi: Bye-bye Arusha? – new ICG report (25.10.2012)

Since the 2010 boycotted elections, Burundi is steadily drifting away from what was initially regarded as a peacemaking model, and violence from both the ruling party and the opposition is threatening stability. Burundi: Bye-bye Arusha?, the latest report from the International Crisis Group,...

Burundi commission to probe extra-judicial killings (12.06.2012)

Burundi has set up a commission to probe allegations by human rights groups of extra-judicial killings and torture, the country's prosecutor general said Tuesday.

Burundi bans report on political assassinations (02.05.2012)

Burundi's government has banned Human Rights Watch from holding a press conference about its report into the escalation of political violence.

Burundi: A deepening corruption crisis – new ICG report (21.03.2012)

Despite the establishment of anti-corruption agencies, Burundi is facing a deepening corruption crisis that jeopardises prospects for lasting peace and stability. “Burundi: A Deepening Corruption Crisis”, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, highlights the neopatrimonialist...

Security Council extends mandate of UN political mission (20.12.2011)

The Security Council today extended the mandate of the United Nations political mission in Burundi, stressing that the country must continue to make progress on protecting human rights, fighting corruption, reforming its security sector and boosting economic development.

Burundi consolidating peace despite challenges – UN envoy (07.12.2011)

Burundi is making steady progress in consolidating peace after years of conflict, the United Nations top official in the country told the Security Council today, noting that considerable socio-economic challenges remain.

Burundi declared landmine free (02.12.2011)

One of the world’s poorest countries has officially cleared its territory of landmines thanks to help from Nobel Peace Prize-winning UK charity, MAG (Mines Advisory Group). Funded by the Swiss Department of Foreign Affairs, MAG has helped Burundi declare itself landmine free three years ahead of...

Burundi gunmen kill Italian, Croatian aid workers (28.11.2011)

Gunmen killed a Croatian nun and an Italian doctor who were working in a psychiatric clinic in northern Burundi, its head said on Monday. Although the landlocked central African nation has been plagued by insecurity this year, the killings on Sunday night in the northern district of Kiremba were...

Burundi troops kill 18 in clashes – official (22.11.2011)

Burundian troops killed 18 gunmen in fierce clashes, a government official said on Tuesday, stoking fears that a new rebellion may erupt in the central African nation.

Burundi’s violence escalates (21.09.2011)

The massacre of 41 people in a bar near Bujumbura on 18 September was one of the most deadly incidents in Burundi in recent years but it took place in a climate of constant low-level violence and political instability.

At least 36 killed in Burundi attack (19.09.2011)

Raiders killed at least 36 people when they stormed a Burundi bar and opened fire on patrons in one of the country's worst attacks in months, an official said Monday. … The attackers raided a bar in Gatumba area, some 13 kilometres (eight miles) west of the capital Bujumbura in a stronghold of the...

Burundi gunmen kill one, insurgency fears rise (11.08.2011)

Gunmen killed one soldier and seriously wounded five people in western Burundi, the latest attack in a spate of violent incidents that have raised fears of a new insurgency in the central African country.

UN official urges continued support for Burundi’s peacebuilding efforts (17.05.2011)

Burundi is making commendable efforts to consolidate its post-conflict peacebuilding process, the United Nations top official in the central African country told the Security Council today, calling on the international community to continue supporting its steps towards sustainable development.

Political tensions blamed for wave of killings in Burundi (09.04.2011)

Gunmen dressed as police killed three members of the ruling party in what one rights group said Thursday was retaliation for the killing of several members of Burundi's former-rebel FNL.

Burundi: from electoral boycott to political impasse – new ICG report (07.02.2011)

Burundi risks reversing the decade of progress it has enjoyed since its civil war ended unless the government resumes political dialogue with the opposition. “Burundi: From Electoral Boycott to Political Impasse”, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines the serious problems...

UN expert calls on Burundi to set up national human rights body without delay (02.02.2011)

An independent United Nations expert today welcomed the adoption of the law on setting up Burundi’s national human rights body and urged the authorities to set it up without delay.

Security Council sets up new body to further consolidate peace (16.12.2010)

The Security Council today set up a “significantly scaled-down” United Nations operation in Burundi to help the Central African country as it embarks on the latest stage of its recovery from decades of civil war and ethnic fighting.

Burundi: officials downplay FNL rebel activity in eastern Congo (08.12.2010)

Amid growing complaints that post-war democratic gains are being reversed in Burundi, officials in the central African state have downplayed reports that a former rebel group has begun remobilizing in neighbouring Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

Despite progress, situation in Burundi still cause for concern – new report (06.12.2010)

Burundi has made significant progress over the past year in moving away from its violent past towards a future of peace, stability and development but security, food, human rights and sexual violence remain matters of concern, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon says in a new report.

Calls for dialogue (01.12.2010)

Political parties in Burundi, which is striving to move on from years of civil war, have called on the government to engage in dialogue and cease what they regard as a policy of oppression and harassment

Burundi's shrinking political space (24.11.2010)

Burundi’s government is coming under increasing criticism for its alleged suppression of the opposition and for dismissing a recent spate of armed attacks as mere banditry. It was hoped that elections earlier this year would consolidate the country’s democratic progress after years of civil war.

Killings spread fear, disrupt livelihoods (24.09.2010)

Several mysterious killings in Burundi, where memories of civil war are still fresh, have spread fear and disrupted livelihoods, while authorities have sought to play down talk of renewed armed insurrection, blaming some of the deaths on bandits.

Burundi opposition urges dialogue with president (03.09.2010)

A Burundian opposition coalition called Thursday for talks with President Pierre Nkurunziza, recognising his re-election for the first time since boycotting presidential polls in June.

Veering off the path of peaceful power-sharing (27.08.2010)

The political climate is growing increasingly antagonistic in Burundi, where many of today’s political parties were yesterday’s rebel groups.

Ruling party sweeps parliament poll (28.07.2010)

Burundi ruling party won an overwhelming victory in the country's parliamentary elections as opposition parties boycotted the vote.

Opposition calls election in Burundi a “masquerade” (30.06.2010)

The election had long been anticipated as a landmark for peace after years of civil war, but it was rocked by accusations of fraud, a series of deadly grenade attacks and the withdrawal of the opposition.

Burundi’s election wobbles (15.06.2010)

Allegations of massive fraud during May’s local elections in Burundi have cast a shadow over the country's democratic transition, prompting international calls for compromise rather than confrontation.

Burundi prepares for crucial poll (09.06.2010)

Burundi’s 28 June presidential elections will be a crucial test for the country’s incipient democracy, and how the republic responds to back-and-forth accusations and how the ruling parties and the opposition decide to settle things could reverberate well beyond Burundi’s borders. So far,...

Burundi ruling party wins local elections (25.05.2010)

Burundi's ruling party has a big lead in local elections according to preliminary results announced on Tuesday. On voting day, everything was peaceful, the Head of the UN Integrated Office in Burundi, Charles Petrie, told our colleague Gerry Adams.

EU to observe elections in Burundi (14.05.2010)

On the invitation of the government of Republic of Burundi, the European Union has decided to deploy an Election Observation Mission to observe the electoral cycle in the country, starting on May 21 2010. The Election Observation Mission of the European Union (EOM EU) will be led by a Chief...

Despite challenges, Burundi can give lesson in democracy to others – UN envoy (10.05.2010)

After decades of ethnic war in which hundreds of thousands of people died, Burundi has the chance to set a new standard with its upcoming elections for peace and democracy in the broader region despite significant challenges, the top United Nations envoy in the Central African country said today.

Tensions high in run-up to Burundi elections (04.03.2010)

As Burundi approaches elections designed to cap the country’s democratic transition after years of civil conflict, there is growing concern about worsening security and limits to political freedom.

Burundi: ensuring credible elections – new ICG report (12.02.2010)

“Burundi: Ensuring Credible Elections“, the new report from the International Crisis Group, examines the rise in tensions before communal, presidential, legislative and additional local elections that are to be conducted separately between May and September.

Political parties in Burundi agree to dialogue (11.02.2010)

A significant step in the consolidation of Burundian democracy was taken on 4 February, when political parties signed an agreement for the establishment of a permanent dialogue forum.

UN helps distribute free identity cards for next May’s polls (29.12.2009)

One million Burundians old enough to vote next May will receive a free national identity card, thanks to a campaign supported by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and other agencies.

Security Council extends UN Mission (17.12.2009)

The Security Council today extended for another year the United Nations political mission in Burundi, calling for full support for next year's elections in the war-scarred African country while voicing concern at continuing human rights violations, sexual and gender-based violence, restrictions on...

Worrying split among former Burundi rebels (03.12.2009)

Months after transforming itself from a rebel movement into a political party, Burundi's Forces nationales de la liberation (FNL), is embroiled in a leadership wrangle that analysts warn could jeopardize the country's fragile peace.

Burundians hand in thousands of weapons (04.11.2009)

Civilians across Burundi have handed in thousands of guns, grenades and rounds of ammunition during a 10-day voluntary disarmament campaign. … Under a decree issued by President Pierre Nkurunziza in August 2009, an amnesty was granted to anyone who surrendered their weapons before the end of...

Burundi pledges at UN to step up support to ensure elections are peaceful (26.09.2009)

Burundi's Government is committed to ensuring that highly awaited presidential, parliamentary and local polls scheduled for next year take place peacefully and successfully, and will step up support to election authorities so it can achieve that goal, the country's Second Vice-President told the...

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