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UN Electoral Observation Mission in Burundi (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 01/15

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UN rights chief deplores suspension of human rights groups, warns of ‘civil war’ (25.11.2015)

The top United Nations human rights official today deplored the Burundian authorities’ suspension of 10 non-governmental organizations (NGOs), including several working on peace and human rights issues, warning against a relapse into “full-fledged civil war.”

Burundi violence: US to place sanctions on officials (24.11.2015)

The United States is to put sanctions on four current and former officials in Burundi in connection with the continuing violence there.

Burundi: How to deconstruct peace (24.11.2015)

Burundi is back in the spotlight of the world’s media and the agenda of the United Nations Security Council. As recently as two years ago, the country was considered a success story in peacebuilding circles, but now the news is firmly of a negative variety. The UN is trying to prevent a new civil...

Belgians urged to leave Burundi by CNDD-FDD (19.11.2015)

Burundi's ruling party says all citizens of its former colonial power, Belgium, should leave the country. Belgium last week said those "whose presence is not essential" should leave because of increasing levels of violence. Burundi has accused Belgium of links to opposition groups it blames for a...

Civil society role urged in Burundi talks (17.11.2015)

A Burundian civil society leader has called on the international community to help strengthen Burundian civil society groups so that they can effectively play their role as the voices of the people. … This comes as the international community has called for an all-inclusive dialogue between the...

Burundi opposition asks UN to send peacekeepers quickly (14.11.2015)

A prominent Burundi opposition politician urged the United Nations on Friday to send peacekeepers quickly to help deal with rising violence, after the Security Council discussed ways to boost its presence there. The Burundi government did not directly respond to the council's request to...

EU evacuates families and non-essential staff from Burundi (13.11.2015)

The European Union is to evacuate the families of staff members as well as some non-essential employees from Burundi after a wave of political violence in the central African nation, officials said Friday (13 November).

UN, AU, EU raise alarm on Burundi crisis spreading (12.11.2015)

The United Nations, African Union and European Union warned on Thursday that political division in Burundi threatened to create a deep and violent regional crisis and called on both sides to meet for mediated talks.

UN Security Council to adopt resolution on Burundi violence (12.11.2015)

The UN Security Council is expected to unanimously adopt a resolution Thursday calling for an end to violence in Burundi and threatening sanctions against anyone who stands in the way of the search for a peaceful solution.

UN Security Council seeks to head off mass atrocities in Burundi (12.11.2015)

Spurred by fears of mass atrocities, the United Nations Security Council on Thursday unanimously passed a resolution that calls for a bolstered international presence in Burundi but stops short of sanctions against those who incite violence. … The Security Council action places the onus now on...

UN weighs sending peacekeepers into Burundi (11.11.2015)

The United Nations may send peacekeepers into Burundi if calm does not return to the East African nation soon, diplomats in New York said Wednesday. One option is sending in soldiers from neighboring Congo.

UN says ill-prepared for Rwanda-style descent in Burundi (11.11.2015)

Burundi's political violence threatens to spiral into an ethnic or regional conflict but the United Nations is less equipped to deal with it than it was in Rwanda before the genocide in 1994, Scott Campbell, head of Central and West Africa at the U.N. human rights office, said on Tuesday.

Burundi experiencing 'deep political crisis', Security Council told (09.11.2015)

Senior United Nations officials today warned the UN Security Council that Burundi is at a critical juncture, experiencing a deep political crisis and rapidly escalating violence with serious implications for the country's stability and ethnic harmony, as bodies are regularly dumped in the streets...

Burundi president urges police action as killings persist (03.11.2015)

Nine people in Burundi have been killed in gunfights with security forces since Saturday, a police spokesman said, continuing a wave of violence in this central African nation.

UN Security Council 'follows in the footsteps' of the African Union on Burundi crisis (30.10.2015)

The UN Security Council on Wednesday stood behind the African Union and its tough stance on Burundi in light of continuing violence and human rights abuses. The council condemned “an increase in the cases of human rights violations and abuses” saying it would support an African Union investigation.

Ban welcomes AU decision on addressing political and security crisis in Burundi (27.10.2015)

[… ] the African Union announced on 17 October that it would launch an investigation into violations of human rights in Burundi. It also called for implementation of targeted sanctions against those contributing to the rising violence in the country.

UN warns of ‘rapidly worsening’ human rights and security situation (23.10.2015)

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) today expressed its concern over the “rapidly worsening” security and human rights situation in Burundi, where at least 198 people have been killed since April, including the execution of at least nine civilians ten days...

Burundi sets up body aimed to end crisis, opponents dismissive (23.10.2015)

Burundi's president swore in a national commission for dialogue on Friday aimed at resolving a deep political crisis, although opponents quickly dismissed the body as a sham.

EU calls Burundi to talks in Brussels over crisis (22.10.2015)

Burundi's government will be invited to talks in Brussels to seek a solution to a political crisis in the Central African country that has killed more than 120 people, EU diplomats say, warning of a suspension of aid if talks fail.

Is Burundi inching toward war? (21.10.2015)

The nature of the violence—most recently this past weekend, when at least eight people were killed in shootings—highlights the brutality and systemic nature of the conflict, and the execution-style killings of political opponents, widespread use of torture, and rhetoric concerning Rwandan...

AU will deploy more human rights observers and military experts (17.10.2015)

The PSC decided "to increase the number of human rights observers and military experts deployed by the AU in Burundi. Council requests the Chairperson of the Commission to take the necessary steps to bring rapidly to a total of one hundred (100) the number of personnel deployed, including a police...

African Union urged to hasten troop deployment to Burundi (17.10.2015)

The African Union's peace and security council on Saturday recommended the organization hasten plans for sending troops to Burundi if violence in the central African nation worsens and called for investigations into rights abuses there.

Cracks widen within Burundi’s army (12.10.2015)

A central pillar of the peace accords that ended a civil war in Burundi a decade ago – integrating former Hutu rebels into the Tutsi-dominated army to create a more ethnically balanced force – is looking distinctly wobbly.

Burundi expels Rwandan diplomat as tensions rise (07.10.2015)

Rwanda, which endured a genocide in 1994, has expressed alarm about the situation in Burundi and its regional implications.

Burundi sets up team to oversee dialogue (03.10.2015)

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza has signed a decree for the formation of a commission to oversee dialogue between the government and the opposition. … The Commission will operate for six months, on a renewable contract; their mandate is to conduct the dialogue countrywide and at all levels, a...

UN rights chief warns over upsurge in Burundi killings (28.09.2015)

The UN human rights chief warned Monday that Burundi risked sliding back into civil war after a dramatic rise in killings, arrests and detentions in the troubled central African country.

UN investigator warns of mass atrocities in Burundi (15.09.2015)

A UN special investigator warns Burundi could slip back into open warfare unless the international community takes urgent preventive action.

Four killed in fresh Burundi unrest (02.09.2015)

At least four people have died in renewed clashes in Burundi, where tensions remain high following President Pierre Nkurunziza's controversial re-election, officials and witnesses said Wednesday.

Burundi President swears in loyalist cabinet (25.08.2015)

Members of the ruling CNDD-FDD party were given 15 of 20 spots, including the key posts leading the ministries of defense, the interior, finance and foreign affairs. … Innocent Muhozi, general manager of a banned Burundian radio and television network, told VOA Monday that he does not see anything...

Burundi President Pierre Nkurunziza being sworn in (20.08.2015)

Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza is being sworn in for a controversial third term in office. The BBC's Prime Ndikumagenge in Burundi says the ceremony has come as a surprise as Mr Nkurunziza had been expected to be sworn in next week.

AU calls for restraint in Burundi after 3rd attack (05.08.2015)

The African Union has called for restraint in Burundi following the murder of a leading member of the ruling CNDD-FDD party in the capital, Bujumbura. … The murder is the third high profile attack in four days as the crisis in Burundi deepens.

Ban greatly concerned over ongoing deterioration of security in post-election Burundi (03.08.2015)

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today voiced concern over the situation in Burundi, where the security situation continues to worsen following the recent elections, and strongly condemned the assassination yesterday of General Adolphe Nshimirimana.

UN observers call presidential vote flawed (27.07.2015)

United Nations electoral observers in Burundi say an election last week that gave President Pierre Nkurunziza a third term took place in an environment that was “not conducive for an inclusive, free and credible electoral process.”

Burundi's Nkurunziza wins presidential vote boycotted by rivals (27.07.2015)

Nkurunziza won 69.41 percent of the 2.8 million votes cast on Tuesday, winning handsomely in the rural regions where most of Burundi's 10 million people live, the national electoral commission chief announced at a press conference on Friday.

Key Burundi opposition politician urges fresh vote (25.07.2015)

Agathon Rwasa denounces President Nkurunziza's third consecutive win but says he may not oppose unity government.

Europe readying sanctions against top Burundi officials (24.07.2015)

The European Union is ready to impose sanctions on Burundians failing to help end the Central African nation's crisis, the EU's foreign policy chief said on Thursday (23 July).

Burundian government open to national unity government (23.07.2015)

A Burundian government spokesman said President Pierre Nkurunziza is committed to forming a national unity government after Tuesday’s election results are known. … Meanwhile, the African Union (AU) announced Wednesday it has started deploying military and human rights observers to Burundi.

After ‘broadly peaceful’ polls Ban urges parties to resume inclusive political dialogue (23.07.2015)

Taking note of the “broadly peaceful” conduct of polling in the Burundian presidential elections on 21 July, the top United Nations official today called on all parties to continue to remain calm and immediately resume an inclusive political dialogue.

Last ditch efforts to avoid Burundi crisis continue (15.07.2015)

Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni has left crisis talks between Burundi's rival political factions without a deal, but last-ditch efforts to end months of violence continue.

Burundi crisis gets serious for regional leaders (14.07.2015)

Burundi’s political crisis is centred on a leader who is refusing to leave office after almost 10 years. The man sent in to mediate has been in power for almost 30. Apart from that irony, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni’s arrival in Bujumbura underlines just how high the stakes are for regional...

Burundi presidential vote postponed to July 21 (11.07.2015)

Presidential elections in the crisis-hit central African nation of Burundi have been postponed to July 21, nearly a week later than originally scheduled, the presidency announced Saturday.

Museveni to mediate Burundi talks (08.07.2015)

President Museveni has been appointed to lead and facilitate the dialogue at the highest level in a bid to find a lasting solution to the current political situation in Burundi.

Burundi ruling party takes parliamentary elections (07.07.2015)

Burundi's ruling party has won the country's parliamentary elections. The country's National Electoral Commission said Tuesday that the CNDD-FDD party won 77 out of 100 seats in the National Assembly, reports VOA's Edward Rwema.

Burundi coup general threatens force to oust president (06.07.2015)

Leonard Ngendakumana threatens to launch armed uprising after Pierre Nkurunziza refuses to abandon bid for re-election.

Burundi rejects UN mediator after critical report about elections (05.07.2015)

Burundi on Sunday rejected a second UN diplomat named to help resolve the country's political crisis, saying a critical report about last week's parliamentary elections demonstrated bias.

UN monitors slam Burundi election (03.07.2015)

Burundi's parliamentary election has been declared neither fair nor free by UN monitors. Monday's poll was boycotted by opposition parties. The USA says Burundi's July 15 presidential election should be delayed.

Six killed in battles as Burundi awaits vote results (01.07.2015)

Six people including a policeman were killed in gun battles Wednesday in the latest violence in Burundi, as it awaits results from elections boycotted by the opposition and condemned internationally.

Amid election-related tensions, thousands flee Burundi for neighbouring countries – UN (30.06.2015)

Some ten thousand refugees fled Burundi over the weekend before authorities managed to close the borders ahead of yesterday’s parliamentary elections, the United Nations refugee agency (UNHCR) reported today.

Burundi elections: 'Grenade' targets polling station (29.06.2015)

A grenade was thrown at a polling station at the start of Burundi's parliamentary election, witnesses say. Elections were held despite an opposition boycott and weeks of protests over President Pierre Nkurunziza's plan to seek a third term. … The African Union (AU) has not sent observers - the...

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