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UN Burundi inquiry identifies crimes against humanity suspects (20.09.2016)

UN investigators looking into the alleged torture and murder of government opponents in Burundi have drawn up a list of suspects who should be prosecuted for crimes against humanity, they said on Tuesday.

Burundi people want presidential term limits removed (25.08.2016)

Burundi could scrap presidential term limits from its constitution after a commission set up to hear public views on governance said most citizens wanted no curbs on the number of times the head of state may seek re-election.

Burundi provides no answers to UN Committee against Torture (12.08.2016)

Burundi’s government has provided “no substantial answers” to the UN Committee against Torture over concerns about summary executions, political assassinations, arbitrary arrests and torture.

UN rights experts ‘gravely concerned’ by reports of reprisals against Burundian lawyers (10.08.2016)

Gravely concerned by reports that four Burundian lawyers who provided information to the United Nations Committee on Torture (CAT) are being subjected to reprisals, the body said today that it has sent a letter to the Ambassador of Burundi to the United Nations in Geneva seeking assurances that no...

Burundi rejects U.N. police deployment after Security Council vote (03.08.2016)

Burundi said it would refuse to allow United Nations police onto its territory to monitor the security and human rights situation after the U.N. Security Council voted to send 228 officers.

Security Council approves 228-strong UN police contingent for Burundi (29.07.2016)

The Security Council this evening requested Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to establish a United Nations police officers component in Burundi for an initial period of one year to monitor the security situation and to support the Office of the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights (OHCHR) in...

Burundi's Imbonerakure youth wing accused of gang rape (27.07.2016)

Government-allied youth in Burundi have gang-raped women and girls whose male relatives are suspected to be opposition activists, campaign group Human Rights Watch (HRW) has said.

UN Security Council mulls sending up to 228 police to Burundi (16.07.2016)

The United Nations Security Council is considering whether to send up to 228 U.N. police to Burundi to monitor the security and human rights situation in the East African country, where deadly political violence has simmered for more than a year.

'Fake calm' in Burundi as tension threatens return to violence (14.07.2016)

Human rights experts paint chilling picture of state ruled by fear after a year of political instability, with peace talks expected to fail.

Burundi civil society leader blames government for peace talks collapse (13.07.2016)

Burundi’s government is to blame for the collapse of the latest round of peace talks aimed at resolving the country's political and security crisis, according to Vital Nshimirimana, leader of the group Forum for the Strengthening of Civil Society (FORSC).

Ban condemns assassination of former Burundian minister (13.07.2016)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has condemned the assassination earlier today of Hafsa Mossi, former Burundian Minister for East African Community Affairs and Member of the East African Legislative Assembly, in the capital, Bujumbura.

UN human rights chief: Burundi may explode into ethnic violence (29.06.2016)

Burundi’s human rights record is under scrutiny at the U.N. Human Rights Council over the objections and anger of that country’s government. The council said it is alarmed at the rise in rights violations in Burundi since last year’s political crisis.

Briefing – who’s who in Burundi’s armed opposition (07.06.2016)

[…] In the absence of constructive talks, armed violence and the threat of full-blown civil war increases. As different opposition outfits proliferate, here’s a snapshot of the main insurgent groups: … .

Nkurunziza asks criminal gangs to surrender in next 15 days (03.06.2016)

President Pierre Nkurunziza has given armed gangs in Burundi 15 days to surrender to authorities and hand in their weapons or face unspecified action.

UN probe completes on-the-ground deployment of human rights monitors (24.05.2016)

The United Nations Independent Investigation in Burundi, which was set up to investigate human rights violations in the country since April 2015, said today it has completed the deployment of a team of human rights monitors on the ground.

Burundi’s peace talks going nowhere (24.05.2016)

[…] The government of President Pierre Nkurunziza has been steadfast in its refusal to talk with opponents implicated in a coup attempt last year aimed at stopping his bid for a third-term in office. Instead the 21 to 24 May “dialogue” in Arusha, Tanzania, featured only government officials, two...

Burundi: A Dangerous Third Term – ICG Africa Report (20.05.2016)

[…] While many Burundians and the international community believed the ethnic problem had been solved with the Arusha accord, it has returned to the fore with President Nkurunziza’s third term. To reverse this trend, a debate should be organised on the necessary amendments to the peace agreement.

Data analysis: Burundi crisis simpler, deadlier than reported (18.05.2016)

The crisis in Burundi is officially entering its second year, without a clear resolution or trajectory in sight. Burundi remains unstable, with dead bodies—often showing signs of torture—still being discovered throughout various provinces, high-profile assassinations on the rise, and newly formed...

Rwanda aids Burundi rebels: UN experts (13.05.2016)

A confidential report to the United Nations Security Council accuses Rwanda of providing training, financing and logistical support through early 2016 for Burundian rebels seeking to oust Burundi's President Pierre Nkurunziza.

UN rights chief condemns spate of assassinations in Burundi (27.04.2016)

The United Nations human rights chief today condemned the increasing number of attacks against high-level officials in Burundi and called for proper investigations to be carried out.

Ban condemns slaying of CAR Peacekeeping Mission’s former Deputy Force Commander (25.04.2016)

[…] Brigadier General Kararuza had served in senior positions in both the African-led International Support Mission to the Central African Republic (MISCA) and the United Nations Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in the Central African Republic (MINUSCA).

ICC opens preliminary probe into Burundi violence (25.04.2016)

The International Criminal Court says it is opening a preliminary probe into the violence that erupted last year in Burundi. … The United Nations last week accused Burundi’s security services of torturing and illegally detaining several hundred people this year. Last month, the European Union...

Torture and illegal detention on the rise in Burundi – UN rights chief (18.04.2016)

The United Nations human rights chief today warned of a “sharp increase in the use of torture and ill-treatment in Burundi” and voiced concerns about worrying reports of the existence of illegal detention facilities, both in Bujumbura and in the countryside.

UN weighs options for Burundi police force (17.04.2016)

Calling the situation in Burundi "alarmingly precarious," UN chief Ban Ki-moon is proposing three options for a new UN police mission there, ranging from a full force of 3,000 officers to a light dispatch of 20 to 50. … In the report, Ban said dispatching a force of up to 3,000 was "the only option...

Burundi rejects deployment of UN police, monitors (09.04.2016)

[…] The government said it will not compromise the mandate of its police force to maintain law and order after the France-sponsored motion was passed by the UN Security Council to monitor the security situation in the country. “We don’t want deployment of hundreds of police officers. The United...

Burundi: Beneath the 'peace' lies fear (06.04.2016)

Three-quarters of a year after the elections, Burundi seems to have achieved a certain level of calm. Yet under the surface tension is still boiling. During a panel discussion in Berlin experts voiced their concerns.

Burundi says "fine" with request for UN police deployment (03.04.2016)

[…] "This UN resolution is fine for us since it takes into account everything we have been saying," Alain Nyamitwe, Burundi's foreign minister, told Reuters. "We have always been open to experts but never to sending of peacekeeping troops in Burundi," he said, adding "a few" UN police could help...

UN Security Council asks for UN police options for Burundi (02.04.2016)

The United Nations Security Council asked UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on Friday to provide options for a police deployment to Burundi, where simmering political violence has stoked fears the small African state could spiral into ethnic conflict.

EU takes aim where it hurts Burundi: peacekeeper funding (29.03.2016)

The European Union plans to cut back its funding for Burundi's lucrative peacekeeping contingent in Somalia to try to force President Pierre Nkurunziza into talks with opponents and away from the brink of ethnic conflict, diplomatic sources said.

UN official warns Burundi's tensions could fuel violence throughout Great Lakes region (22.03.2016)

A climate for inclusive dialogue is urgently required to eradicate the polarization and fragmentation of Burundian society, resulting from the increasing poverty and ongoing political crisis, a senior United Nations human rights official today urged.

EU suspends aid to Burundi over political crisis (14.03.2016)

The European Union on Monday suspended aid to Burundi’s government, citing a political crisis that has claimed more than 400 lives and forced more than 240,000 people to flee to neighboring countries.

Burundi opposition leader arrested (09.03.2016)

Police in Burundi have arrested one of the last opposition leaders not to have fled the troubled country, his family and supporters said Wednesday.

UN investigator says Burundi mission was a success (08.03.2016)

Three independent experts working for the United Nations have ended their investigation into alleged mass graves in Burundi. One of them told DW they had good access to all conflicting parties.

Burundi opposition hails choice of Mpaka as new peace mediator (03.03.2016)

[…]The East African Community (EAC), meeting in Arusha, Tanzania Wednesday named the 77-year old [former Tanzanian President Benjamin] Mkapa to hopefully breed new life into the talks, which have been bogged down under the leadership of Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni.

Fears as Burundi starts census to register foreigners (02.03.2016)

The Burundian government has launched a census to register all foreigners, sparking fears among overseas nationals that the scheme could be a pretext for state surveillance.

UN investigators begin probe into killings (01.03.2016)

A team of investigators is in Burundi to probe abuses and arbitrary killings in the country that have been going on since President Pierre Nkurunziza was controversially re-elected for a third term in April 2015.

AU to send monitors to Burundi (29.02.2016)

The African Union says it will send 200 military advisers and human rights observers to Burundi, 10 months into the country’s violent political crisis over President Pierre Nkrunziza’s third term. International diplomatic efforts appear to be making little headway.

African leaders in Burundi to push for talks (25.02.2016)

[…] The African Union agreed to send the delegation -- which is headed by South African President Jacob Zuma and includes the leaders of Ethiopia, Gabon, Mauritania and Senegal -- during its January summit when Burundi successfully faced down a plan to deploy 5,000 peacekeepers to the country.

UN chief: Burundi president, opponents agree to hold talks (23.02.2016)

[…] Ban announced the breakthrough Tuesday after meetings with Nkurunziza, opposition leaders and civil society groups in the capital Bujumbura. The U.N. chief said that all sides had promised to engage in "inclusive dialogue."

EU fears more violence in Burundi, vows to directly assist the population (15.02.2016)

The European Union, strife-stricken Burundi’s biggest aid donor, today (15 February) warned the country could face “appropriate measures” if it does not remedy its human rights record.

Burundi crisis: US concerned over 'Rwanda's destabilising activities' (10.02.2016)

The US has raised concerns with Rwandan officials over reports suggesting it is involved in "destabilising activities" in neighbouring Burundi, officials have said. Rwanda is reported to have armed and trained refugees to fight on behalf of the Burundian opposition.

UN wants to send experts for Burundi mass graves probe (10.02.2016)

The United Nations wants to send independent forensics experts to Burundi to help authorities investigate allegations of mass graves in the strife-torn country, a senior official said Wednesday.

Burundi rebels say trained by Rwandan military - U.N. experts (03.02.2016)

A confidential report to the United Nations Security Council accuses Rwanda of recruiting and training Burundian refugees with the goal of ousting Burundian President Pierre Nkurunziza.

African Union decides against peacekeepers for Burundi (01.02.2016)

Smail Chergui, AU commissioner for peace and security, told a press conference in the Ethiopian capital on Sunday that a proposed deployment of 5,000 troops would be deferred until permission was granted by Bujumbura. … Chergui said that an AU delegation would now fly to Burundi to hold talks aimed...

Burundi keeps seat on security body, complicating peacekeeper plan (01.02.2016)

Burundi was re-elected to the African Union's peace and security council, diplomats said, a move that could complicate plans to send peacekeepers to the troubled country against its will.

Team of experts delayed from entering Burundi to investigate human rights abuses – UN (26.01.2016)

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) reported today that a team of independent experts mandated to probe violations and abuses in Burundi has not been able to enter the country.

Troop deployment to take centre stage at AU meeting (22.01.2016)

There is an expectation Burundi's Pierre Nkurinziza will have no choice but accept the deployment of African Union troops to his country when the powerful African Peace and Security Council meets at the African Union summit in Addis Ababa next week.

UN Security Council seeks to stop Burundi slide into ethnic war (20.01.2016)

The United Nations Security Council travels to Burundi on Thursday in a bid to quell political violence in the tiny African state amid fears it may slide back into ethnic conflict. Some council members hope to persuade President Nkurunziza to accept a 5,000-strong African Union peacekeeping force...

Burundian opposition boycotts dialogue with government (20.01.2016)

The first talks of the inter-Burundian dialogue have started in the Northern Province in Kirundo. Although President Pierre Nkurunziza's government followed the calls for such talks made by US President Barack Obama and the United Nations (UN) recently, the sincerity of these consultations is in...

Burundi security forces kill two suspected rebels (14.01.2016)

A former military officer and policeman who were suspected of leading a group of rebels were killed on Wednesday in a shoot out with security forces east of Burundi's capital, the police spokesman said.

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