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UN Operation in Cote d'Ivoire (UN-Geführt)
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Possible Plotters Arrested in Paris (25.08.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) France arrested 11 people at the weekend who were planning to destabilise Cote d'Ivoire with the assistance of mercenaries, an Ivoirian police source said on Monday. … The source said all 11 were arrested on Saturday at a Paris airport under the terms of a new law to combat...

Prime Minister Warns of Deadlock (21.08.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) Speaking on national television, Seydou Diarra warned the peace process would be at risk if the new National Security Council - set up under an accord signed in Accra in March - failed to fill the defence and security portfolios.

Annan: Côte d'Ivoire Peace Shows Promise (13.08.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) The peace process in Côte d'Ivoire has made encouraging progress in the past six months, but according to the first report on the new United Nations mission in the country, the road to true stability is long and fraught with contradictions that must be resolved in order for...

Government Releases 54 Political Prisoners Under Amnesty Law (12.08.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnew) The government of Cote d'Ivoire has released 54 political prisoners accused of supporting rebels who occupy the north of the country under the terms of an amnesty law which was approved by parliament last week, a Justice Ministry spokesman said.

Amnesty Law Passed (07.08.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) The amnesty will not be applied to those who have committed serious human rights abuses or economic crimes during the hostilities. … BBC correspondent Liz Blunt says the bill removes a significant legal hurdle to disarmament, reassuring the rebels that they will not be...

Warten auf die Grenzöffnung (06.08.2003)

(Quelle: taz) Dem Bürgerkrieg in der Elfenbeinküste fiel auch Burkina Fasos Wirtschaftsader zum Opfer: die Eisenbahnlinie nach Abidjan. Damit wurde eines der ärmsten Länder der Welt vom Außenhandel abgeschnitten.

Security Council Sees Progress and Dangers for Peace Process (25.07.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) While welcoming progress made towards ending strife in Côte d’Ivoire, the United Nations Security Council today voiced concern at the continued existence of regional factors of instability, particularly the use of mercenaries and child soldiers, and the spread of small...

Ivory Coast “at Turning Point” (24.07.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) France's senior army chief has warned that the fragile peace in Ivory Coast is at risk unless fighters involved in the recent civil war rapidly begin disarming. … Returning from a field trip to the western rainforest zone bordering Liberia, General Bentegeat said he had...

ECOMICI Funding Guaranteed until November (23.07.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) The United States and several European donors have pledged sufficient funding to keep a West African peacekeeping force of nearly 1,400 troops deployed in Cote d'Ivoire until the end of November. … (T)he financial controller of the five-nation peace-keeping force told IRIN...

Rebellen erklären Krieg für beendet (07.07.2003)

(Quelle: SZ) Die Regierung und die Rebellen der Elfenbeinküste haben den im September vergangenen Jahres begonnenen Bürgerkrieg offiziell für beendet erklärt. … Schon seit April sind die Aufständischen unter Vermittlung der ehemaligen Kolonialmacht Frankreich an einer...

Peace Process still on Track (02.07.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) 'For us, this war is finished. There is no question of taking up arms again,' said Sports Minister Michel Gueu, one of nine rebel leaders who sit in the cabinet of Prime Minister Seydou Diarra. Rebel military commanders, who still control all of northern Cote d'Ivoire, also...

Security Council Delegation in Cote D’Ivoire (01.07.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) A United Nations Security Council delegation in West Africa exploring opportunities for regional peace and stability, has wrapped up a series of discussions with top officials in Côte D'Ivoire on ways to fully implement a six-month old power-sharing accord. … During...

Rebel Ministers are Ordered to Leave Transitional Government (30.06.2003)

(Quelle: Irinnews) The military high command of the three rebel movements that occupy northern Cote d'Ivoire ordered all nine rebel ministers to withdraw from the government at a meeting on Sunday night in the rebel capital Bouake. However, several of the rebel ministers told a press conference in...

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