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UN Mission in Liberia (UN-Geführt)
Beginn: 10/03

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Security Council approves three-month extension for UN Mission in Liberia (14.09.2016)

The Security Council this morning extended the mandate of the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL) through the end of the year, while reaffirming its readiness to consider withdrawing the operation and transitioning to a future UN presence there following a proposed mid-November review of...

UN Strategic Assessment Mission to Liberia concluded (09.09.2016)

[…] The Strategic Assessment Mission was charged with analyzing the prevailing security situation and the overall capacity of national institutions to maintain stability, and with providing recommendations on UNMIL's future.

UN mission lauds Government, people for 'historic' handover of country's security (01.07.2016)

The head of the United Nations mission in Liberia today lauded the people and Government of Liberia for reassuming full control of the country's security for the first time since its civil war ended 13 years ago. … In September, a high-powered multi-disciplinary team from the UN headquarters will...

UN peacekeeping mission leaves Liberia after 13 years (30.06.2016)

A UN peacekeeping mission that was sent to Liberia in 2003 to restore order after two brutal civil wars withdrew on Thursday, beginning a new phase of self-reliance for the impoverished West African country.

Security Council ends 13-year sanctions regime on Liberia (25.05.2016)

Acknowledging the sustained progress made on rebuilding Liberia after the 1999-2003 civil war, the United Nations Security Council today terminated an arms embargo against the country and dissolved the related mechanisms, namely the sanctions Committee and the expert panel.

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