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EU Stabilisation Action in Mopti and Ségou (EU)

Beginn: 08/17

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G5 Sahel Joint Force

Force conjointe du G5 Sahel / FC-G5S (Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger)

Beginn: 07/17

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EUCAP Sahel Mali

EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EU)

Beginn: 01/15

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Opération Barkhane

French military presence in Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritania

Beginn: 08 /14

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African Union Mission to Mali and the Sahel (AU)

Beginn: 08/13

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UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (UN-geführt)
Beginn: 04/13

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EU Training Mission in Mali (EU)

Beginn: 02/13

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UN chief calls for calm as clashes leave over 20 dead in Mopti (26.06.2018)

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres has appealed for calm and restraint in the Mopti region of central Mali, where over 20 people are reported to have been killed in intercommunal clashes over the weekend.

Coordinated response key to G5 Sahel Joint Force success (19.06.2018)

Coordinated response key to G5 Sahel Joint Force successLast month, the Joint Force of the G5 Sahel—Force Conjointe du G5 Sahel (FC-J5S)— announced its readiness to deploy operations. To date, the FC-J5S has conducted three military operations aimed at neutralizing terrorist groups, the first two...

German Tigers end flight operations in Mali (19.06.2018)

The German military has stopped flying its Tiger attack helicopters in Mali and has sent them home after 14 months. The Germany defence ministry said four Tigers and 363 personnel were deployed until 15 June 2018 in support of the UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali...

Mali says some soldiers implicated after mass graves found (19.06.2018)

Mali said on Tuesday that some of its soldiers were implicated in "gross violations" after the discovery of some mass graves in its troubled central region plagued by violence between security forces and Islamist militants.

Presidential elections critical to consolidate democracy, says UN peacekeeping chief (14.06.2018)

Though the past 12 months had been the most encouraging in terms of advancing the peace process in Mali, security challenges still pose a dangerous threat, with civilians and security forces still being attacked, the top United Nations peacekeeping official told the Security Council on Thursday....

‘Favour dialogue’ over violence, UN chief urges all parties following clashes in Mali’s capital (02.06.2018)

According to news reports, police used tear gas to break up opposition supporters who had planned to march through the capital, calling for more transparency, ahead of presidential elections due to take place next month. The UN chief was in Mali earlier in the week for a two-day visit, to recognize...