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EU Training Mission in Mali (EU)

Beginn: 02/13

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UN Multidimensional Integrated Stabilization Mission in Mali (UN-geführt)
Beginn: 04/13

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African Union Mission to Mali and the Sahel (AU)

Beginn: 08/13

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Opération Barkhane

French military presence in Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Mauritania

Beginn: 08 /14

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EUCAP Sahel Mali

EU Capacity Building Mission in Mali (EU)

Beginn: 01/15

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G5 Sahel Joint Force

Force conjointe du G5 Sahel / FC-G5S (Chad, Burkina Faso, Mauritania, Mali, Niger)

Beginn: 07/17

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Malian soldiers killed in al-Qaeda attack on army base (27.01.2018)

At least 14 Malian soldiers have been killed and 18 others wounded in an al-Qaeda attack during which fighters briefly took control of a military camp in the African country's north, the army has said.

Why some Malians join armed groups (25.01.2018)

More than two years after some of Mali’s armed groups signed a peace accord, insecurity in the country is both escalating and spreading. … According to Ibrahim Maïga, a researcher with the African Institute for Security Studies, “we have entered a new phase of the war.”

UN urges Mali government to hold presidential vote in July (23.01.2018)

The U.N. peacekeeping chief urged Mali's government Tuesday to do everything possible to hold presidential elections on schedule in mid-July. Jean-Pierre Lacroix told the Security Council that last week's adoption of a timeline for the government, Tuareg separatists and armed groups to implement a...

Time to reassess UN peacekeeping presence in Mali, Security Council told (23.01.2018)

Against the backdrop of worsening security in Mali’s central regions and with presidential elections just six months away, a senior United Nations official on Tuesday said it is time to reexamine the configuration of the UN peacekeeping presence in the West African country to reflect the changing...

Sahel zone: New operation to fight terrorism (16.01.2018)

Defense ministers from five countries in the Sahel region, as well as France, met in Paris in the latest push of joint anti-terrorism force in the fragile region.

A dozen shades of khaki: counter-insurgency operations in the Sahel (11.01.2018)

The region has never been so militarised. Here’s an overview of the international players in uniform.

Al Qaeda maintains operational tempo in West Africa in 2017 (05.01.2018)

According to data compiled by FDD’s Long War Journal, al Qaeda and its many allies and affiliates launched at least 276 attacks in Mali and the wider West Africa region in 2017. That means the al Qaeda has largely kept its operational tempo in West Africa consistent when compared to last year.