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EU Capacity Building Mission in Niger (EU)
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Italian lawmakers pass anti-terror military mission to Niger (17.01.2018)

Italian lawmakers have approved sending a military mission to Niger to combat human trafficking and terrorism.

Italy aims to send up to 470 troops to Niger to curb people-smuggling (29.12.2017)

Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni said on Sunday some of the 1,400 Italian troops now stationed in Iraq could be transferred to the Sahel region in West Africa - which includes Niger - after victories against Islamist militants in Iraq.

Niger approves armed U.S. drone flights, expanding Pentagon’s role in Africa (30.11.2017)

The government of Niger has given the Defense Department permission to fly armed drones out of the Nigerien capital, Niamey, Pentagon officials said Thursday, in a major expansion of the American military’s footprint in Africa. Pentagon officials want to start the flights within days.

Niger defense minister asks US to deploy armed drones against militants (01.11.2017)

Niger has asked the United States to start using armed drones against jihadist groups operating on the Mali border, raising the stakes in a counterinsurgency campaign jolted by a deadly ambush of allied U.S.-Nigerien forces. … What began as a small U.S. training operation has expanded to an...

US military engagement in Niger and Africa: 3 things to know (25.10.2017)

The attack on US troops in Niger that left four soldiers dead earlier this month has triggered a broader discussion about Washington's military engagement in Africa and the public's knowledge about it.

Germany donates 215 vehicles, 55 satellite phones to Niger Armed Forces (11.08.2017)

The German government has donated 100 flat-bed military trucks, 115 motorcycles and 55 satellite phones to Niger for use by its special army and police counter-terrorism units to combat cross-border militancy and trafficking through the Agadez region of the Sahel.

France to send counterterror forces to Niger (26.02.2017)

France is to send a contingent of counterterror forces to help the army in Niger after militants ambushed a military patrol killing 16, the defence ministry said. … The troops are part of Operation Barkhane, a French counterterror operation whose mission is to target jihadist groups operating in...

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