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EUCAP Sahel Niger

EU Capacity Building Mission in Niger (EU)
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Counting the dead, waiting for justice (01.04.2019)

Alhamdou Issalak has spent the last year counting the violent deaths in his community, one of those worst affected by the growing number of armed attacks in western Niger – part of a rising tide of militancy sweeping across the Sahel region from Mali to Burkina Faso.

Niger first African country to adopt national law for protection and assistance of IDPs (07.12.2018)

UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, and the UN Special Rapporteur on the human rights of internally displaced persons applaud the ground-breaking adoption by Niger of a national law for the protection and assistance of internally displaced persons (IDPs).

Germany donates vehicles to Niger (20.11.2018)

The German government has donated 53 vehicles to Niger’s military as part of efforts to enhance the African nation’s military capabilities. … [German defence minister] von der Leyen said Niger is a strategic partner "in the fight against terrorism, organized crime and illegal migration," with...

EUCAP Sahel Niger: Council extends the mission for two years (18.09.2018)

On 18 September 2018, the Council extended the mandate of EUCAP Sahel Niger until 30 September 2020 and agreed on a budget of €63.4 million for the period 1 October 2018 to 30 September 2020. The Council also updated the mission's mandate.

After deadly raid, Pentagon weighs withdrawing almost all commandos from Niger (02.09.2018)

The Pentagon is considering withdrawing nearly all American commandos from Niger in the wake of a deadly October ambush that killed four United States soldiers. Three Defense Department officials said the plans, if approved by Defense Secretary Jim Mattis, would also close military outposts in...

Europe benefits by bankrolling an anti-migrant effort, Niger pays a price (25.08.2018)

Niger has been well paid for drastically reducing the number of African migrants using the country as a conduit to Europe. But the effort has hurt parts of the economy and raised security concerns.

US confirms drones in Niger have striking capabilities (31.07.2018)

The United States started arming drones in the West African nation of Niger earlier this year, according to the U.S. Africa Command.

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