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EU Military Mission to Contribute to the Training of Somali Security Forces (EU)
Beginn: 05/10

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African Union Mission in Somalia (Sonstige)
Beginn: 01/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 06/13

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EUCAP Somalia

EU Maritime Capacity Building Mission (EU)

vormals EUCAP Nestor

Beginn: 07/12 bzw. 03/17 (launch EUCAP Somalia)

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AMISOM undertakes new role in Somalia (03.12.2014)

The UN-sanctioned military mission to Somalia, known as AMISOM, is taking on a new role after freeing much of the country from al-Shabab control.

Al-Shabab regrouping along Kenya-Somali border (03.12.2014)

Pushed out of its former strongholds, militant group al-Shabab has been moving lots of men and equipment into southern Somalia, especially Lower Juba and Gedo, the two regions that border Kenya.

Somalia militants divide Kenya miners by religion, then begin killing (02.12.2014)

According to the Kenyan authorities, the militants killed 36 people, most of them young men. … In Kenya, the Shabab have now become the enemy everyone fears. … Kenya has become the prime target, especially the loosely governed north, where the quarry and bus attacks took place: a vast, arid,...

In Somalia, Ban lauds country’s progress towards stability, urges ‘continuity’ (29.10.2014)

Somalia has made “remarkable progress” as it continues down the road towards economic and political stability, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said today as he arrived in the capital city of Mogadishu – the third stop in a tour of the Horn of Africa aimed at promoting development and...

Somali President extends amnesty to al-Shabab fighters (28.10.2014)

The president of Somalia says his country will again offer amnesty to al-Shabab fighters who denounce the terrorist organization and its ideology.

Al-Shabab terrorists pushed from last Somali stronghold (27.10.2014)

The terrorist group al-Shabab has been pushed out of its last stronghold in Somalia, the coastal city of Barawe. African Union forces and Somali soldiers liberated it in their latest military victory.

UN authorizes ship inspections near Somalia for arms, charcoal (27.10.2014)

The resolution, adopted by the 15-member council with 13 votes in favor, approves the use of "all necessary measures" … to carry out such inspections.