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EU Military Mission to Contribute to the Training of Somali Security Forces (EU)
Beginn: 05/10

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African Union Mission in Somalia (Sonstige)
Beginn: 01/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 06/13

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Americans train Ugandans for Somalia mission (15.05.2012)

American military advisers in Uganda are drawing on lessons learned from Iraq and Afghanistan to help train African Union soldiers to fight Somalia's most powerful insurgent group, al-Shabab.

Al Qaeda’s leader encourages militants (12.05.2012)

Al Qaeda’s leader, Ayman al-Zawahri, has released a new video in which he encourages Somali militants to fight on despite the challenges.

Convening of elders important step on path to ending Somalia’s transition – UN envoy (04.05.2012)

The top United Nations envoy in Somalia has welcomed the inaugural convening of the body tasked with selecting members of the Constituent Assembly and new Parliament as an important step on the road to ending the country’s transition.

Somalia Prime Minister plans constitutional government by August (02.05.2012)

Somalia's Transitional Federal Government is making preparations to hand over power to an elected government in August. The surprising development is being engineered by a Somali-American technocrat intent on ending his native country's reputation as a failed state.

Deadly blast shatters calm in Somali capital (04.04.2012)

A bomb exploded during a ceremony on Wednesday at the newly reopened National Theater here in the Somali capital as the prime minister was addressing the guests, turning an event that had been a welcome sign of growing calm into a grisly reminder of the many troubles still plaguing the country.

Meeting of the Somali signatories of the process for ending the transition: Communiqué (01.04.2012)

The Somali signatories of the process for ending the transition held a consultative meeting in Galka’yo on 26 March 2012.

Signatories agree to make amends to roadmap (27.03.2012)

Signatories of the previous agreements met in Galkayo Monday afternoon and have agreed to speed up the Roadmap and Garowe principles, that plan to end the transitional government by midyear, Radio Garowe reports.