Sudan (Darfur)

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African Union - United Nations Hybrid Operation in Darfur (UN-Mandatiert)
Beginn: 01/08

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Security Council stresses need of ‘sustainable solutions’ for millions displaced in Darfur (31.01.2018)

Despite improvements in the security and humanitarian situation in Darfur, continued challenges remain, the United Nations Security Council has said, underlining the need for sustainable solutions for the region’s 2.7 million internally displaced persons. … With phase two of UNAMID’s...

Sudan hands over land for UNAMID new base in Jebel Marra (30.01.2018)

The hybrid peacekeeping operation in Darfur (UNAMID) this week officially received a land to establish a Temporary Operating Base (TOB) in Golo, Jebel Marra, in the context of a plan to reshape the mission and draw down its troops. In June 2017, the UN Security Council extended the UNAMID mandate...

Chad, Sudan to repatriate 20,000 refugees to Darfur in 2018 (26.01.2018)

Sudan, Chad and the United Nations have signed an agreement for the repatriation of 20,000 Sudanese refugees from Chad to Darfur region during this year. The "Operations Plan for the practical implementation of the return movement" was signed on Friday at the end of a two-day meeting in the Chadian...

UN experts urge Libya, South Sudan to prevent weapons supplying to Darfur rebels (14.01.2018)

United Nations experts have urged Sudan’s neighbours Libya and South Sudan to stop supplying Darfur armed groups with weapons and ammunition in line with UN resolutions on this respect. In a report to the Security Council released this week, a panel of five experts says that rebel groups from...

Displacement slows but returns remain difficult, warns UN peacekeeping chief (10.01.2018)

Despite some recent voluntary returns among those displaced in Sudan's Darfur region, lack of security, services and sustainable livelihoods in return areas have become major impediments to returns, the top United Nations peacekeeping official told the Security Council Wednesday.

UN official calls to fund peacebuilding efforts in Darfur (10.01.2018)

UN peacekeeping chief has urged the Security Council to allocate funds for the consolidate peacebuilding process in Darfur as he admitted a tangible improvement in the security situation on the ground. Jean-Pierre Lacroix, Under-Secretary-General for Peacekeeping Operations, briefed the Security...

UNAMID is still waiting land for Jebel Marra base: UN chief (06.01.2018)

In a recent report to the Security Council issued by the end of 2017, the UN chief said that Darfur hybrid peacekeeping mission has achieved progress in the implementation of phase one of the UNAMID reconfiguration process, but the Sudanese government still has to give the last for the Jebel Marra...