Macedonian president refuses again to sign bill boosting Albanian language (15.03.2018)

Macedonian President Gjorge Ivanov has refused for a second time to sign legislation passed by the parliament to expand the official use of the Albanian language, in a move that could set off a renewed political crisis in the small Balkan nation.

Security Minister: Serb 'fear-mongering' ahead of Bosnia vote raises concern (13.03.2018)

Bosnia's autonomous Serb entity is "fear-mongering" to undermine the country's integrity by organizing nationalist paramilitary groups and disproportionately arming the region's police, the national security minister said.

EU's Mogherini says Ukraine must do more against corruption (12.03.2018)

The European Union's foreign policy chief Federica Mogherini has pressed Ukraine to do more to fight corruption and establish an anticorruption court that is in accordance with recommendations of independent experts.

Envoy: Russia, Ukraine equally vital for Transdniester resolution (12.03.2018)

The new OSCE envoy for the Transdniester conflict says that Russia and Ukraine have equally important roles in resolving the decades-old dispute between Moldova and its eastern breakaway region.

Poroshenko: Ukraine seeking NATO membership action plan (10.03.2018)

Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko has reiterated that Kyiv is seeking a Membership Action Plan (MAP), a formal step toward joining NATO. A Membership Action Plan is a multistage process of political dialogue and military reform to bring a country in line with NATO standards and to eventual...

Kosovo acquits deputy PM Fatmir Limaj of war crimes (09.03.2018)

Former guerrilla commander Fatmir Limaj, now deputy prime minister in Kosovo, was cleared of responsibility for the murder of two Kosovo Albanian civilians in October 1998.

EU Assistance Mission opens one more regional presence (07.03.2018)

The European Union Advisory Mission Ukraine (EUAM) has today opened a new regional presence in Odesa. This is the third time EUAM has created an additional regional presence since forming at the end of 2014. EUAM’s other two regional presences, outside its headquarters in Kyiv, were created in...

Peacekeeping in Ukraine’s Donbas: opportunities and risks (06.03.2018)

The prospect of a UN peacekeeping force in Ukraine's Donbas offers a rare opening to discuss how to resolve the conflict. But Moscow's diplomatic overtures also risk fueling political infighting in Kyiv in the run-up to next year's presidential and parliamentary elections.

Leaders of Bosnia, Croatia, Serbia hold talks (06.03.2018)

Leaders of Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, and Serbia have held their first trilateral meeting in six years to discuss borders, security, and other issues that have undermined relations since the breakup of Yugoslavia in the 1990s.

New Ukraine cease-fire 'violated almost immediately' (05.03.2018)

The Ukrainian military has accused Russia-backed separatists in the eastern region known as the Donbas of violating a new cease-fire agreement shortly after it went into force. The cease-fire, agreed by in talks including representatives of Russia, Ukraine, and the Organization for Security and...