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OSCE Mission to Skopje

(OSCE Long-Term Missions)
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Thousands protest Macedonian name change deal in Skopje (29.11.2018)

Several thousand protesters from Macedonia's right-wing opposition have marched through the capital, Skopje, to protest against Prime Minister Zoran Zaev's deal with Greece to change the country's name. … If the change is finalized in parliament, Athens has promised to lift its veto on Skopje's...

Macedonia government submits constitutional changes for ‘name’ deal (02.11.2018)

The government submitted the draft constitutional amendments to parliament on Friday, launching the second of the three phases in the process to adopt the ‘name’ agreement that would unblock the country’s path towards NATO and EU membership.

Macedonia parliament to vote on name change (15.10.2018)

Macedonian legislators will decide on Monday if the country will change its name from the Republic of Macedonia to the Republic of Northern Macedonia over two weeks after a referendum on the issue was marred by low turnout.

Macedonia parties launch talks on 'name' agreement (05.10.2018)

Macedonia's ruling parties have launched talks with their opposition counterparts in a final attempt to persuade them to support the 'name' agreement with Greece in parliament and avoid early elections.

UN chief urges all sides to proceed with name change ‘through country’s institutions’ (01.10.2018)

UN Secretary-General António Guterres has urged all political forces in the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia to implement plans to undergo a formal name change, following a consultative referendum on Sunday, through the country’s institutions.

Macedonia president urges boycott of name-change referendum (23.09.2018)

Macedonia's President Gorge Ivanov has decried an agreement that would change the country's name to end a long-standing dispute with Greece, calling on his compatriots to boycott the vote on the deal that takes place on September 30.

West in diplomatic push to boost Macedonia referendum (05.09.2018)

The German and Austrian Chancellors and NATO Secretary-General all visit Macedonia this week to support government efforts to ensure a successful referendum on the historic ‘name’ agreement with Greece.