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EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EU)
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U.S. condemns South Ossetia name-change referendum (15.02.2017)

Along with a presidential election on April 9, the separatists who control South Ossetia plan to hold a plebiscite on a proposal to rename the region the Republic of South Ossetia -- the State of Alania.

EU monitoring mission's mandate is prolonged (13.12.2016)

The European Union will continue to fully support Georgia's sovereignty and territorial integrity within its internationally recognised borders. The European Council has prolonged the mandate of the EU Monitoring Mission in Georgia (EUMM) Georgia until 14 December 2018 and has also allocated a...

Ruling party in Georgia decisively wins parliament vote (09.10.2016)

The ruling party in Georgia decisively won parliamentary elections, firming its grip on power in the former Soviet nation, near-complete results showed on Sunday.

Georgia: a pre-election snapshot (05.10.2016)

[…] Georgia … is due to hold parliamentary elections on 8 October. These elections are an important benchmark for the country on its path towards consolidating its democratic system and improving the functioning of the state.

EU advisory body visits monitoring mission (26.09.2016)

A delegation from EU advisory body Civilian aspects of Crisis Management (CIVCOM) has visited Georgia to gain a greater understanding of the challenges being faced by civilian-run European Union Monitoring Mission Mission (EUMM).

OSCE/ODIHR opens observation mission for the parliamentary elections in Georgia (30.08.2016)

[…[ The mission is led by Ambassador Alexandre Keltchewsky and consists of a core team of 12 experts based in Tbilisi and 26 long-term observers to be deployed in teams of two across the country. In addition, ODIHR will request 350 short-term observers to monitor proceedings on election day.

With pro-NATO, pro-Russia proposals, geopolitics enters Georgia's elections (15.08.2016)

Geopolitics has taken center stage in Georgia's election campaign, with one party calling to legalize Russian military bases in the country, another calling for the constitution to enshrine Georgia's "non-bloc" status, and another calling for the constitution to reflect the country's NATO...