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Centcom designates operations against ISIL as ‘Inherent Resolve’ (15.10.2014)

The Defense Department has come up with a name for the American military strikes against the Islamic State: Operation Inherent Resolve.

IS militants continue deadly attacks across Iraq (15.10.2014)

Islamic State militants continue to unleash a daily wave of multiple car bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and across other parts of the country in an apparent bid to destabilize Iraq's faltering military forces.

Kobane: US and UK warn of air strike limitations (09.10.2014)

The US and UK have warned that air strikes alone will not prevent Islamic State (IS) fighters from seizing the strategic Syrian town of Kobane.

Syria declares new chemical weapons facilities (08.10.2014)

The UN Security Council has been told that Syria has revealed for the first time the existence of four more chemical weapons facilities. Three of the sites are for research and another is for production.

UN mission calls for restraint following explosion, retaliatory fire (07.10.2014)

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon today urged maximum restraint after two Israeli soldiers were wounded in the Shaba’a area as a result of an improvised explosive device, and Israel retaliated with artillery fire towards the area of Kfar Shouba hills.

UN report slams IS 'war crimes' in Iraq (02.10.2014)

A UN report says Islamic State (IS) militants and other armed groups have committed a "staggering" number of gross human rights violations and "acts of violence" in northern Iraq that could amount to war crimes.

Syria peacekeeping 'impossible' - Philippines leader (01.10.2014)

The Philippines has accused the UN of failing to support its peacekeepers in Syria after a rebel attack last month in the Golan Heights.

With its mandate completed, OPCW-UN mission draws down in Syria (01.10.2014)

The joint United Nations mission to oversee the destruction of Syria’s stockpiles and production facilities has completed its mission and been shut down.

Islamic State crisis: Abadi opposes Arab strikes in Iraq (01.10.2014)

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has told the BBC he "totally" opposes Arab nations joining air strikes against Islamic State in his country. In an interview, he said Western air power had "filled many gaps" in Iraq's fight against the jihadist group.