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OPCW-UN Joint Mission

Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons - UN Joint Mission for the Elimination of the Chemical Weapons Programme of the Syrian Arab Republic (UN-mandatiert)
Beginn: 10/13

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U.S. and Arab allies launch first strikes on fighters in Syria (25.09.2014)

The United States and its Arab allies bombed Syria for the first time on Tuesday, killing scores of Islamic State fighters and members of a separate al Qaeda-linked group, opening a new front against militants by joining Syria's three-year-old civil war.

France rules out air strikes in Syria (22.09.2014)

French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said on Monday his nation would not launch air strikes against Islamic State (IS) militants based in Syria despite having bombed a suspected target of the group in northern Iraq last week.

US House votes to authorize aid to Syrian rebels in ISIS fight (17.09.2014)

An unusual but overwhelming coalition in the House voted Wednesday to authorize the training and arming of Syrian rebels to confront the militant Islamic State, backing President Obama after he personally pleaded for support.

Obama threatens action in Syria (11.09.2014)

US President Barack Obama has said he will not hesitate to take action against Islamic State (IS) militants in Syria as well as Iraq.

Syria rebel leader killed in suicide blast (09.09.2014)

The leader of the Ahrar al-Sham rebel group, one of the largest Islamist factions fighting Syria’s war, was killed on Tuesday along with scores of the group’s fighters in a suicide attack on a high-level meeting in Syria's Idlib province.

New UN envoys for Syria crisis heading to Damascus (08.09.2014)

Special Envoy Staffan de Mistura and Deputy Envoy Ramzy Ezzedine Ramzy were appointed by Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon in July to provide good offices aimed at bringing an end to all violence and human rights violations, and promoting a peaceful solution to the crisis in Syria.

In northeast Syria, Islamic State builds a government (04.09.2014)

In the cities and towns across the desert plains of northeast Syria, the ultra-hardline al Qaeda offshoot Islamic State has insinuated itself into nearly every aspect of daily life. … Syria's eastern province of Raqqa provides the best illustration of their methods. Members hold up the province as...

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