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Russia announces helicopter reinforcements for Tajik base amid Afghan unrest (07.10.2015)

Russia has announced that it will deploy attack and military-transport helicopters to beef up its military presence in Tajikistan amid rising insecurity in northern Afghanistan.

Afghan forces claim Kunduz control (01.10.2015)

Afghan officials say they have regained control of key areas of the northern city of Kunduz from the Taliban. …The city's capture on Monday by the militant group was a huge blow to President Ashraf Ghani, coming on the first anniversary of his taking power.

Kyrgyzstan: an uncertain trajectory – ICG briefing (30.09.2015)

Kyrgyzstan’s relative stability belies the country’s brittle Central Asian neighbourhood, simmering ethnic tensions, religious extremism and political frustration. Russia, the West and China share interests here, creating a unique opportunity to work together for Kyrgyzstan’s democratic development...

New Taliban leader calls for all foreign forces to leave Afghanistan (22.09.2015)

The new Taliban leader has said peace will be achieved in Afghanistan only after all foreign forces leave. Mullah Akhtar Mansur also said that all existing military and security deals between the Kabul government and other countries must be revoked.

Afghan Taliban says leadership dispute resolved (16.09.2015)

The Afghan Taliban said on Wednesday that a major dispute undermining the movement has been resolved, after relatives of the militant group's late leader, Mullah Omar, pledged support for his appointed successor Mullah Mansour.

Tajikistan forces stage deadly offensive against rebels (05.09.2015)

Tajikistan security forces on Saturday killed 13 fighters allegedly linked to a recently banned opposition party after they refused to surrender, officials have said.

Afghanistan’s Ghani calls for 'holy war' against corruption (01.09.2015)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has called for a "holy war" against corruption, which he said is a "cancerous lesion" threatening the survival of the state.

Taliban captures strategic district in Afghanistan (27.08.2015)

Soldiers from the U.S.-led NATO coalition have joined combat to stop a Taliban advance in Afghanistan's Helmand province, where battlefield success has given the insurgents' their biggest symbolic victory in years and made talking peace a fading hope.

Leadership feud could fracture Afghan Taliban (26.08.2015)

The brother of the deceased Taliban leader Mullah Omar is speaking out about an internal power struggle that risks fragmenting the Afghan insurgency.