Taliban stops guaranteeing safety of Red Cross workers in Afghanistan (15.08.2018)

The Taliban says it has withdrawn its security assurances for the International Committee of the Red Cross staff working in Afghanistan. The insurgent group accused the neutral humanitarian group of failing to meet its obligation to monitor detention conditions and provide medical aid to Taliban...

More than 300 dead in battles for control of key Afghan city (13.08.2018)

Authorities in Afghanistan confirmed Monday that four days of fighting with the Taliban in and around the embattled southeastern city of Ghazni has killed 100 Afghan security personnel and 30 civilians. Defense Minister General Tariq Shah Bahrami says government forces, backed by allied airstrikes,...

Afghan electoral body seeks to bar 35 candidates over alleged ties to armed groups (12.08.2018)

Afghanistan's top electoral body has recommended barring 35 candidates from running in the upcoming parliamentary polls after it alleged they had links to armed groups. … Some 2,300 candidates across Afghanistan have filed to run in the parliamentary elections, scheduled for October 20.

IS in Afghanistan just won't go away, US officials say (07.08.2018)

Intensified efforts to root out and destroy the Islamic State terror group in Afghanistan are making progress in some areas but have so far failed to prevent the terror group from maintaining a foothold in the country, based on the latest U.S. intelligence estimates.

IS fighters surrender to Afghan forces after Taliban assault (01.08.2018)

More than 150 Islamic State fighters surrendered to Afghan government forces on Wednesday in the face of an onslaught by the Taliban in the northern Jawzjan province, officials said.

Afghanistan to hold presidential elections in April next year (01.08.2018)

Election body says security and funding will present the biggest challenge to the poll to be held on April 20, 2019.

Turkmenistan reaches its limits with economic and security challenges (31.07.2018)

With Iran and Afghanistan as neighbors, Turkmenistan is often overlooked due to its proximity to geopolitical hotspots. Recent measures by its government to restrict emigration may seem peculiar without greater context on the challenges facing the country. Economic mismanagement and issues in...

Jalalabad attacks provoke ‘outrage’ and ‘strongest’ condemnation from UN Mission (31.07.2018)

As part of a recent pattern of attacks in Afghanistan, at least 13 civilians were killed and 20 others wounded on Tuesday in Jalalabad, drawing “outrage” and condemnation “in the strongest terms” from the United Nations Assistance Mission in the country, UNAMA.

'Warlord' Afghan vice president returns from exile to ease political tension (23.07.2018)

Afghanistan's vice president, General Abdul Dostum, returned to Kabul from a 14-month exile in Turkey on Sunday and was greeted by a media spectacle, along with throngs of supporters and political allies who gathered at the Kabul airport. In a speech after arriving, Dostum said he would support...

Afghan president: Taliban could join peace talks, despite rejection (16.07.2018)

Afghan President Ashraf Ghani has dismissed the Taliban’s rejection of his offer of peace talks, suggesting that the militant group can still be persuaded to come to the negotiating table.