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EUPOL Afghanistan

EU Police Mission in Afghanistan (EU)
Beginn: 06/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 03/02

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Resolute Support


Beginn: 01/15

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Taliban leader Mullah Omar backs Afghanistan peace talks (15.07.2015)

Afghan Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar has backed peace talks with the Afghan government in a statement released to the media. … Afghan government officials last week met Taliban representatives in negotiations brokered by Pakistan.

China to provide Afghanistan with security equipment and training (10.07.2015)

China has pledged to increase security cooperation with Afghanistan by providing security equipment, technology and training assistance. The commitment was made by China’s President Xi Jinping during a meeting with his Afghan counterpart President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani during the BRICS summit.

Afghans, Taliban 'to meet again' following Pakistan talks (08.07.2015)

Afghan and Taliban representatives have agreed to meet again after landmark through-the-night talks aimed at ending the militants' 13-year insurgency, Pakistan said Wednesday.

The EU police mission in Afghanistan: mixed results – ECA report (08.07.2015)

The European Court of Auditors (ECA) has published an audit report entitled "The EU police mission in Afghanistan: mixed results" on Wednesday 8 July. … ECA special reports are published throughout the year, presenting the findings of selected audits of specific EU budgetary areas or management...

NATO to assess fighting season before deciding on Afghan mission's future (25.06.2015)

NATO says it will decide how quickly to scale back its military training and support mission in Afghanistan after assessing how well local security forces perform in this summear's "fighting season."

Afghan peace talks expose rifts in Taliban leadership (24.06.2015)

There are signs of deepening splits among Afghanistan’s Taliban after a spokesman denied that peace talks between Afghan officials and senior Taliban leaders are authorized by the group.

Taliban attack Afghanistan's parliament, seize second district in north (23.06.2015)

A Taliban suicide bomber and six gunmen attacked the Afghan parliament on Monday as lawmakers met to consider a new defence minister, and another district in the volatile north fell to the militants as they intensified a summer offensive.