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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 03/02

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Disarmament Plan for Northern Region (07.08.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) A United Nations-assisted Afghan security commission is set to hold an extraordinary meeting on Saturday to finalize disarmament plans for a northern region that has been a flashpoint for tensions between rival militias, a UN spokesman said today.

Kabul fordert Hilfe im Kampf gegen Drogen (07.08.2003)

(Quelle: Die Welt) Afghanistans Regierung hat eine massive Aufstockung der internationalen Hilfen im Kampf gegen den Drogenanbau gefordert und vor der Übernahme des Landes durch die Drogenmafia gewarnt. „Der Kampf gegen die Drogen ist beinahe so wichtig wie der gegen den Terrorismus...

Bundeswehr auch außerhalb Kabuls? (06.08.2003)

(Quelle: SZ) In der rot-grünen Koalition zeichnet sich zunehmend die Bereitschaft ab, den Bundeswehr-Einsatz in Afghanistan über den bisherigen Aufgabenbereich hinaus zu erweitern. Verteidigungsexperten beider Koalitionsparteien schlossen zur Stabilisierung des Landes die Stationierung...

Warlord Refuses to Disarm (05.08.2003)

(Quelle: Reuters AlertNet) A senior commander in northern Afghanistan said on Tuesday he would not hand in weapons to a rival faction collecting arms in the region, underlining the difficulties the authorities face in disarming the country. General Abdul Rashid Dostum … has been collecting...

Electoral Commission Starts Work (02.08.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) The six members of the commission met the United Nations special envoy for Afghanistan, Lakhdar Brahimi, and attended a meeting of donor countries' representatives. … The commission now faces the daunting task of registering millions of potential voters in a land where...

Interior Minister Calls for Better Trained Police (31.07.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) Ali Ahmad Jalali told reporters in Kabul that the current force was unable to cope with the security challenges they would face over the coming year, including providing security for a grand national assembly in October and elections next year.

Annan: Insecurity Threatens Elections (31.07.2003)

(Quelle: UN-News) While the peace accord leading to elections in Afghanistan next year is largely on track despite considerable obstacles, a conducive environment still does not exist and the international community must address the threat of insecurity in the country for several years to come,...