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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
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Time “is Running Out” for Afghanistan (17.09.2003)

(Quelle: ISN) A boosted international force and a reformed national army is urgently needed to head off threats from Taliban guerillas and heroin producers, says the EU representative for Afghanistan, Francesc Vendrell. … 'We are at a crossroads because we are supposed to have a...

Housing Scandal Claims First Victim (17.09.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) The head of security in Afghanistan's capital Kabul has been sacked. The announcement comes amid a housing scandal in which almost all of Afghanistan's ministers and hundreds more members of the ruling elite have become embroiled. The security chief, Basir Salangi, had ordered...

Pakistan Deploys Troops along Border (16.09.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) Pakistani officials say that troops have been deployed along the border near Balochistan province to try to stop the activities of al Qaeda and suspected Taleban fighters in the area. … The region was the scene of recent fierce fighting between hundreds of Taleban fighters...

Geplanter Kundus-Einsatz in der Kritik (10.09.2003)

(Quelle: SZ) Die Union ist noch nicht überzeugt vom Sinn einer Ausweitung des deutschen Afghanistan-Engagements auf die Stadt Kundus. In einem siebenseitigen Papier hat der außenpolitische Sprecher der Fraktion, Friedbert Pflüger, in Abstimmung mit der Arbeitsgruppe...

Local Aid Workers Killed in Ambush (10.09.2003)

(Quelle: BBC World) The Danish Committee for Aid to Afghan Refugees (Dacaar) said the workers were travelling through Ghazni Province, south-west of Kabul, on Tuesday when an armed gang stopped the car. The aid workers were asked to get out of the vehicle. Four were shot dead, while a fifth escaped...

Worsening Security Situation Threatens Progress (09.09.2003)

(Quelle: Washington Post) While slow but steady progress has been made toward holding national elections, revamping the security forces and reviving the war-ruined economy, Afghans and foreign observers say deteriorating security conditions -- including crime, regional warlordism and the recent...

Constitution Delayed (09.09.2003)

(Quelle: IWPR) After a week of rumours and denials, President Hamed Karzai has finally announced the worst-kept secret in town - approval of Afghanistan's new constitution is to be set back two months. A Loya Jirga, or grand assembly, will be convened to discuss and pass the constitution in...