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EUPOL Afghanistan

EU Police Mission in Afghanistan (EU)
Beginn: 06/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 03/02

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International Security Assistance Force (UN-Mandatiert)
Beginn: 01/02

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Taliban hint at interest in negotiated settlement (03.08.2011)

The Taliban have begun to send signals that they are interested in a negotiated settlement, potentially offering an opening for the West and the Afghan government, several Western officials said.

US urges Pakistani role in Afghan peace process (02.08.2011)

The United States is calling on Pakistan to play a vital role in the peace process in neighboring Afghanistan, where foreign forces have begun the process of withdrawal. Officials from all three countries met Tuesday in Islamabad for a fourth round of high-level talks focusing on a resolution to...

Talks on long-term Afghan-U.S. partnership stalled (29.07.2011)

Negotiations to set the terms of the U.S. partnership with Afghanistan in the decade after 2014 are faltering as the two countries struggle to bridge the gap between their demands, according to U.S. and Afghan officials.

Long-term deal with US must be on Afghan terms-Karzai (26.07.2011)

Afghan President Hamid Karzai said on Tuesday that Afghanistan will only sign a long-term "strategic partnership" deal with Washington if the United States meets Afghan conditions including an end to controversial night raids on homes.

Afghan government and international community reaffirm commitment to “Kabul Process” (26.07.2011)

The Government of Afghanistan and the international community today concluded a series of meetings which reaffirmed their commitment to the “Kabul process.” Of the 22 National Priority Programmes developed by the Government of Afghanistan over the last 18 months, seven were put forward for...

Lashkar Gah: Nato hands over volatile Afghan city (20.07.2011)

British troops in Afghanistan's volatile Helmand province have handed control of the city of Lashkar Gah to Afghan security forces. In recent days Nato handed over the relatively peaceful province of Bamiyan and the eastern town of Mehtar Lam. … The handover is seen as a critical step in a...

Gen. Petraeus ends his command in Afghanistan (18.07.2011)

Gen. David H. Petraeus turned over command of U.S. and NATO troops in Afghanistan on Monday to Marine Gen. John Allen, as the United States and its allies begin to withdraw troops from the country where they have waged war for nearly a decade.