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EUPOL Afghanistan

EU Police Mission in Afghanistan (EU)
Beginn: 06/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission to Afghanistan (UN-Peacebuilding)
Beginn: 03/02

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Resolute Support


Beginn: 01/15

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Clinton: U.S., Afghanistan 'on track' to sign partnership deal (21.03.2012)

U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the United States and Afghanistan are "on track" to sign a strategic partnership agreement charting their future relations during or before a NATO summit in late May.

Tbilisi enhancing its Afghan troop commitment (21.03.2012)

While some NATO members may be skittish about the alliance’s continuing involvement in Afghanistan, Georgia remains firmly committed, and will soon rank as the mission’s largest non-NATO supplier of troops.

Cameron and Obama show unity on Afghanistan (14.03.2012)

Seeking to project a united front on Afghanistan after a spate of bloody setbacks on the battlefield, President Obama and Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain pledged on Wednesday that their countries would stick to the timetable for winding down the war by the end of 2014.

Deutsche Experten kehren in Afghanistan an ihre Arbeitsplätze zurück (06.03.2012)

Als US-Soldaten vor einigen Wochen in Afghanistan Koranschriften verbrannten, brach sich der Zorn der Menschen Bahn, es gab Tote und Verletzte. Ob der explosiven Stimmung im Land zog Deutschland alle zivilen Berater zunächst ab. Jetzt kehrten die deutschen Experten an ihre Arbeitsplätze zurück.

Obama: US will not stay in Afghanistan longer than necessary (06.03.2012)

President Barack Obama on Tuesday said the United States was committed to long-term ties with Afghanistan but did not want to keep troops there longer than needed to disable al Qaeda and ensure a modicum of stability as foreign forces withdraw.

New report of the Secretary-General (05.03.2012)

The report provides an update on the activities of the United Nations in Afghanistan, including significant humanitarian, development and human rights efforts, since the last report issued on 13 December 2011.

UNAMA relocates international staff from Kunduz office (27.02.2012)

Following an attack on its office in Kunduz the United Nations Assistance Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) is relocating its international staff to put in place additional arrangements and measures to make sure that the office can continue to operate in safety.