Challenges Annual Forum 2017 | Leading United Nations Peace Operations – Priorities and Ways


The International Forum for the Challenges of Peace Operations (Challenges Forum), is currently working on a two-year work strand on Leadership and UN Peace Operations with the overall objective to contribute to stronger and more effective leadership of UN peace operations, including special political missions.
This endeavor takes place against the background of the UN’s ongoing reform agenda based on the various 2015 studies, including the so-called HIPPO report (on this, see also this ZIF kompakt).

The Annual Forum 2017 was be hosted by the Challenges Forum Partner SAM: the Center for Strategic Research of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey. The Forum served as a first step of the collective effort of the Challenges Forum Partnership to revise and update the Considerations for Mission Leadership in United Nations Peacekeeping Operations (Considerations Study, 2010).

The content of the Study was critically reviewed related to several key emerging issues for the senior mission leadership of peace operations - for example:

  • strengthening the political process,
  • sustaining peace,
  • protection of civilian (POC),
  • operating in an extremist and terrorist environment with transnational criminal activity,
  • managing emerging technology,
  • proscribing Sexual Exploitation and Abuse (SEA), and
  • promoting gender equality.

The Considerations Study was developed and published in 2010 by the Challenges Forum and its Partners, in close cooperation with the UN Secretariat, with the purpose of serving as a hands-on tool and source of inspiration for mission leaders. Since its publication, the Study has been widely used by peace operations institutions in Member States, and in the UN’s and regional organisations’ senior mission leadership (SML) courses. However, peace operations and the context in which they are being operated have undergone major developments since its publication and the Considerations Study is in need of revision to reflect these developments.

More details and photo impressions of the event can be found on SAM’s website and the Challenges Twitter account (#leadunpeaceops).