ZIF at international OSCE conference on the development of a secondment system in Serbia

© Milan Obradovic


Since its inception ZIF has been actively involved in an international exchange on developing and strengthening civilian capacities for international peace and security efforts. In this context, ZIF participated in the "Conference on the Development of a System for Seconding Civilians to International Missions of the OSCE, EU and UN" organized by the OSCE Mission to Serbia in Belgrade in early November. ZIF engaged in the exchange on international secondment systems for civilian personnel in international peace operations and presented the German model.

Representatives of the Serbian Government (Ministries of Defense, Foreign Affairs, Interior and European Integration) and Serbian civil society met with representatives of international organizations and other seconding states and institutions.

Besides ZIF, representatives from Switzerland, Finland, Italy, the Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria had been at the conference to report on their respective systems, regularities and activities for the selection, preparation, secondment and management of seconded civilian personnel in multilateral peace operations.

As part of the ongoing EU accession negotiations, Serbia wants to strengthen its involvement with civilian personnel in international peace operations. ZIF is accompanying the process of developing a secondment system in Serbia as part of its International Capacity Development activities.