Download, customize, save time: ENTRi offers free Training Packages to support training providers


Europe's New Training Initiative on Civilian Crisis Management, better known as ENTRi, is putting all efforts into producing very hands-on, helpful tools to improve training for and working in crisis management mission.

Now, they are proudly presenting FREE training packages for trainers to be downloaded online!

These packages have been developed by the ENTRi consortium to save trainers (and subject matter experts asked to train) precious time. They can be edited and adapted according to need and local context. The packages include tested methodologies and learning objectives that capture past lessons learned of training providers. A dedicated ENTRi working group on package development was created for the task, consisting of 8 members, all of which are experienced training institutes.

Packages are accessible on topics such as generic training of trainers, human rights, gender integration, and others.

Please share this information widely - and feedback after use is much appreciated.

The packages may be downloaded here:

ZIF is member of the consortium since its creation in 2011 and is eversince in the lead of the initiative, hosting the ENTRi secretariat. The ENTRi bestseller, its crisis management handbook "In Control", is now available not only in English and French but Portuguese as well. For hard copies, please contact the secretariat.