Expert workshop on common operational datasets in Berlin


Since 2011 ZIF has been a cooperation partner of the United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA), the organization responsible for bringing together humanitarian actors to ensure a coherent response to emergencies. One of the most important tasks is to provide high quality information from the field.

From the 1st to the 6th of April 2017 ZIF hosted OCHA's expert workshop on "Common Operational Datasets" that brought together 49 data experts from field operations and HQs from all over the globe. At a time when the demand for high quality data is greater than ever, the workshop allowed experts to work directly on improving data collected in various humanitarian field operations and raised awareness on the importance of coherent datasets. Experts exchanged experiences on collection and evaluation of data in the event of immediate and protracted emergencies.

At the same time the workshop strengthened links between OCHA's information management/data experts and partners in the field like UNICEF, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), International Organisation of Migration (IOM), iMMAP.

The goal of this event is to create best practices for the humanitarian community that can be incorporated in the policy and technical operating procedures of OCHA offices and the humanitarian system at large.

Through its support of expert workshops conducted by OCHA, ZIF contributes to improving the efficiency of the international response to complex humanitarian emergencies. Since its beginning, the cooperation between OCHA and ZIF has been politically and financially supported by the German Federal Foreign Office.