"Core Course" turns into "Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations" (CGTPO): Civilian Experts and Police Officers undergo joint Training for deployment to peace operations


Until now, ZIF's so called "Core Course" provided prospective members of the ZIF expert roster with insights into the work of UN, OSCE and EU peace operations and the professional, personal, social and methodological competences required to work in such an environment.

Recently, ZIF, in close cooperation with the North Rhine-Westphalia Police Department, has extended the existing concept for preparedness and piloted the newly developed "Comprehensive Generic Training Peace Operations" (CGTPO) from 8 to 16 March 2018 in the premises of the Police in Brühl, North-Rhine Westphalia. Competency-based learning in an international group accompanied by ZIF trainers and police trainers, peer-to-peer learning, practical orientation and a special consideration of the so called "comprehensive approach" were the characteristics of this course. 20 participants from Germany (both civilians and police), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Georgia, Mali and the Central African Republic worked through a challenging curriculum, enriched by a day of off-road driving instruction, stress management, behavior in a crowd and, last but not least, a HEAT course (Hostile Environment Awareness Training) at the UN Training Center of the German Armed Forces in Hammelburg.

The German (civilian) participants also received a one-day briefing by ZIF’s HR team.

CGTPO is the final stage of a complex procedure for inclusion in the ZIF pool of experts. Membership of this pool is in principle a prerequisite for secondment to peacekeeping operations of the EU and the OSCE.