Joint Training on mediation in international conflicts by ZIF and Berghof Foundation

Photos: ZIF


From 19 to 24 November 2017, ZIF organized a training course on “Supporting Peace Negotiation and Mediation on Track I: Implementing Comprehensive Peace Agreements” in cooperation with the Berghof Foundation. The course focused on Track 1 mediation efforts that take place in conflict contexts where a peace agreement has already been reached and subsequently needs to be implemented. The course payed particular attention to the preparation and conduct of mediation processes, as well as possible challenges for facilitators and mediation teams.

Around 20 participants with different backgrounds and from 11 different countries took part in the training. The course was especially developed for individuals who already have experiences in mediation processes and can therefore actively contribute to the training. Among the participants were also two insider mediators from Serbia and Yemen.

The training focused not only on theoretical background knowledge and the wider context of peace processes, but devoted also a fair amount of time to the practice of negotiation and mediation skills in a two-day long simulation based on a fictitious conflict scenario.

The trainers were practicing mediators with diverse experience in international crises contexts.