New ZIF Policy Briefing: Operationalizing Conflict Prevention - Peace and Development Advisors in Non-mission Settings


United Nations Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has stressed that conflict prevention activities should cut across all pillars of the UN’s work to help countries avert the outbreak of crises. In this latest ZIF Policy Briefing, which is part of a new series on operationalizing conflict prevention in the field, Tanja Bernstein focuses on one such practical prevention tool – the Peace and Development Advisors.

Peace and Development Advisors are deployed through a joint programme of the UN Development Programme and the UN Department of Political Affairs primarily to countries where there is no UN peace operation. They represent a cross-pillar effort to help UN presences adapt to politically sensitive contexts and develop and implement strategic conflict prevention programmes. While small in numbers, the deployment of these civilian experts is a practical and effective example of how conflict prevention can be operationalized on the ground.