Training of Trainers in Berlin: Integrating a Gender Perspective


The Training of Trainers (ToT) on the topic "The Integration of a Gender Perspective in Trainings on Civilian Crisis Management" organised by ZIF took place from 18th to 20th of September 2017 with 13 participants from nine different countries: Germany, Portugal, France, Sweden, Republik of Macedonia, Georgia, Mali, Sierra Leone and the Central African Republic.

After the introduction of different gender concepts, the participants learned about the role of gender in conflict and its meaning for civilian crisis management. On the basis of two real training modules from Somalia and the Central African Republic, participants were able to incorporate a gender perspective and to learn from one another in a very interactive way. Lastly, dealing with resistance towards the gender topic was trained through role plays.

The three-day programme also offered room for practical exercises. The post-course evaluation revealed that the participants rated the interactive group work particularly positive just like the various methodological techniques shown by the experienced trainer Cordula Reimann. Ms Reimann is also the author of the Trainer Manual on Gender published by ZIF. Furthermore, ENTRi is currently developing an off the shelf ToT-package, which will be available for trainers in the future.