Training methodology in the focus of the 23rd conference of the IAPTC in Cairo, Egypt


The 23rd conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centers (IAPTC) took place in Cairo, Egypt, between 10 and 15 September.

The event was hosted by CCCPA, the Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution, Peacekeeping and Peacebuilding. Around 270 participants represented 110 organizations. Against the background of the increasing complexity peace operations have to face, the question how training should be conducted stood in the focus of the conference’s deliberations. Of particular importance was the issue of operationalizing the comprehensive (or integrated) approach during training, when preparing police, civilians and military for their duties in crisis management. To this end, a working group including ZIF had prepared a concept paper.

Keynote speaker of the conference was Prof. Emile Bruneau, University of Pennsylvania, who spoke about the link between neuroscience and peace & conflict.

Markus Feilke of Germany’s Federal Police Academy presented a course on Leadership that was jointly developed by Germany’s national Training Partner Platform. This course’s methodology is largely in line with the state-of-the-art approach as suggested by Prof. Bruneau.