ZIF visits experts at NATO and EUMM positions in Georgia


From 20-23 March, ZIF visited its seconded experts in positions at the EU Monitoring Mission (EUMM), the NATO Liaison Office (LO) and the Defence Institution Building School (DIBS) in Georgia. ZIF met with the Head of the NATO LO, the Director of the DIBS as well as with partners at EUMM Headquarters in Tbilisi.

In addition, the delegation visited the Field Office of EUMM in Gori to have a better understanding of the work of the mission personnel at the so called Administrative Boundary Line (ABL). ZIF is currently seconding four civilian experts to EUMM while the German Police provides 12 police officers to the mission. EUMM has been monitoring the ABLs in Georgia since 2008.

The Liaison Office represents NATO in Georgia and facilitates the political and military dialogue between the two partners. The Defence Institution Building School is part of the Substantial NATO-Georgia Package. ZIF seconds personnel into both institutions.