Joint ZIF and UN "facilitated forum” for UN staff in Kosovo


ZIF and the "Division for Policy, Evaluation and Training" (DPET) within the UN-Department of Peacekeeping Operations work jointly on strengthening the link between conflict analysis and strategic action at the field level among UN-Civil Affairs Officers and other peacekeeping staff.

As part of this undertaking, ZIF and DPET conducted a pilot "facilitated forum" from 27th to 30th of November with field office staff of the UN-Mission in Kosovo (UNMK). The aim of the forum was to test a tool developed by ZIF aimed at assisting peace operations' field office staff to conduct conflict analysis and plan strategic conflict mitigation interventions based on such analyses.

Upon completion, the stand-alone tool can be applied in a variety of contexts by the UN as well as by ZIF-experts and partners. "Facilitated forums" in other UN-missions are envisioned to take place in the course of 2018.