Joint ZIF and UN Facilitated Forum for UN staff in in the Democratic Republic of the Congo


Together with UN colleagues from New York, ZIF conducted a "Facilitated Forum" on the border between DRC and Tanzania from 27 February to 02 March. The Forum targeted staff in the Kalemie field office of the UN Mission in the DRC (MONUSCO). The objective of the Forum was to jointly identify new initiatives for conflict management in the Tanganyika province of Eastern DRC.

Throughout the process the 17-strong group, which consisted of staff from different sections of the field office, engaged in a frank and lively discussion and demonstrated great commitment to the endeavour. The exchange was further enriched by the additional perspectives of two staff members from the Goma office and a civil affairs officer from the UN mission in Mali (MINUSMA).

The Forum’s approach was based on the analysis and planning tool the Strategic Action Matrix (SAM), developed by ZIF, which aims at assisting peace operations' field office staff to conduct conflict analysis and plan strategic conflict mitigation interventions based on such analyses.

The Forum forms part of the cooperation between ZIF and the Division for Policy, Evaluation and Training (DPET) within the UN Department of Peacekeeping Operations. The goal of this cooperation is to strengthen the link between conflict analysis and strategic action at the field level among UN Civil Affairs Officers and other peacekeeping staff.