ZIF supports training course "Women, Peace & Security" at the Police College Baden-Wuerttemberg


From the 19th till the 23th of June, the course “Women, Peace and Security” was ones again held at the Police College Baden-Wuerttemberg. The course was developed within the framework of the National Platform of Training Institutions and – in regard of the comprehensive approach – is designed for civilian experts as well as members of the police and the military. Besides police members with experience in peace operations or in current training for one, civilian experts from Germany, the Netherlands, the Palestinian territories and Pakistan took part in the course.

The course conveys the key principles of the UN-resolution 1325 regarding “Women, Peace & Security” and its practical relevance for international peace operations. Since the first resolution in 200, several follow-ups had been adopted focusing on specific work areas of international peace operations. The course is meant to sensitize to the important role of gender dynamics within international peace operations and to point out the specific risk of women and girls within armed conflicts, but furthermore aims to highlight their particular importance as actors of change within the peace process.

Besides the police, expert staff from ZIF, GIZ and medica mondiale presented different course modules. The interactive program focused inter alia on gender concepts, participation and prevention as well as specific forms of sexualized and gender-based violence.

The interactive course program and the diverse group of training staff and participants fostered lively exchange and had great learning effects for the participants.