Information | Policy Advice | Conceptual Development

Information and Policy Advice

The growth in number, size, and scope of peace operations has led to a rising demand for up-to-date information, policy advice, and analysis on this subject. By providing these services, ZIF seeks' to improve public awareness and understanding as well as to support government planning and decision-making processes. Our target audience consists of the German Federal Government and the Bundestag, other national and international actors, and the general public.

ZIF publications focus on current developments in peace operations and cover a broad range from basic information to in-depth analysis. In a number of event formats, ZIF aims to facilitate dialog between policy makers and practitioners. Thematically, individual host countries feature as prominently as operational and strategic issues. Subjects include the peace process between Sudan and South Sudan, transition in Afghanistan, UN peacekeeping reform, and peace operations partnerships. The field experience of its own staff and a continuous exchange with mission personnel ensure the practical relevance of ZIF’s work.

In addition, ZIF advises various actors at both the national and international level – from the Subcommittee on Civilian Crisis Prevention and Integrated Conflict Management in the German Bundestag to the African Union. Through initiatives such as the West Africa project or civcap, ZIF works to improve the capacities of our partners for the recruitment and training of civilian personnel.

Conceptual Development

In cooperation with its national and international partners, ZIF contributes to the conceptual development of peace operations. The development of specialized training modules, the creation of scenarios for the future of peace operations, and expert workshops on current challenges in peace operations are only some examples of ZIF’s contribution in this field.