EU-UN Peacekeeping Partnerships Initiative

"We — the UN, the AU and the EU, together with other key partners — need to do better. I am convinced that we can, if we use existing mechanisms and capacity much more effectively and predictably, and further strengthen others.”
(UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon at the Open Debate of the UN Security Council on UN peacekeeping, regional partnerships and its evolution on 29 July 2014)

Since the creation of the European External Action Service in December 2010 and the adoption of the EU Plan of Action for CSDP Support to UN Peacekeeping in June 2012, there has been new momentum to foster UN-EU partnerships in peacekeeping and peacebuilding.

With the full implementation of the Plan of Action by the end of 2014, the EU will have a unique toolbox available to work hand in hand with the UN on peacekeeping and peacebuilding processes. A key partnership was renewed and intensified with the Joint Declaration on EU-UN Cooperation in Crisis Management under the leadership of the Italian Presidency of the European Council in 2003, and the 2007 Joint Statement on EU-UN Cooperation in Crisis Management under the German Presidency of the European Council in 2007.

This year, and in the spirit of these two declarations, Italy and Germany are jointly launching an initiative for EU-UN Cooperation in Crisis Management and Peace Operations.

During the Italian Presidency of the EU in the second half of 2014, the initiative will facilitate an exchange of lessons learned and best practices in EU-UN cooperation, and aims at formulating potential future goals for this vital partnership.

The joint initiative was presented during the 29 July Open Debate of the UN Security Council. One goal of the project is to provide input  into the recently-announced Peacekeeping Review of the UN Secretary-General.


In addition, the following EU and UN entities will closely cooperate with the initiative:

  • UN Departments of Peacekeeping Operations and Field Support (DPKO/DFS), New York
  • UN Liaison Office for Peace and Security (UNLOPS), Brussels
  • Crisis Management Planning Directorate (CMPD), Brussels
  • Civilian Planning and Conduct Capability (CPCC), Brussels



  • July 17, 2014 | The official launch of the initiative by the Italian and German Ambassador to the UN, the Under Secretary General for Peacekeeping, and the Head of the EU Delegation took place at an IPI Policy Forum on “EU-UN Partnership in Peace Operations: Lessons Learned and the Way Forward” in New York.
  • October 22-24, 2014 | First of two high-level seminars in European capitals that bring together experts with field experience in UN and EU missions with member states’ policy makers, think tanks and ministries. Each one will focus on two themes of the partnership related to the Plan of Action as well as practical lessons on cooperation on the ground. The first one takes place in Rome and will discuss military capabilities (22nd) and training issues (23rd-24th). [Draft Seminar Agenda | YouTube Summary of Day 1]
  • November 13, 2014 | The second high-level seminar will take place in Berlin and highlights lessons learned and future cooperation in the field of mandate coherence and mission planning as well as SSR and Rule of Law activities. [Seminar Agenda]
  • December 03, 2014 | Final conference in Brussels where the outcomes, recommendations, and policy papers of the preceding expert seminars shall be presented, discussed and finalized.


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