Guinea Bissau

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Current Operations


United Nations Integrated Peace-building Office in Guinea Bissau (UN-Peacebuilding)
Begin: 01/10

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ECOWAS Mission in Guinea Bissau

Begin: 04/12

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Guinea-Bissau postpones elections again to April (23.02.2014)

Guinea-Bissau's long-delayed legislative and presidential election, intended to draw under a 2012 military coup, has been postponed again to April 13 from March 16.

Seeking post-poll stability in Guinea-Bissau (16.01.2014)

Guinea-Bissau will hold elections on 16 March to end yet another post-coup regime, with many hoping the polls will help calm an internecine and drawn-out instability.

Security Council warns of potential sanctions if elections hindered (09.12.2013)

The United Nations Security Council today urged a return to constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau, which has postponed presidential and legislative elections until next year, and warned that it would consider further measures – such as sanctions – against anyone who hampers such efforts in the West...

Credible elections vital for restoring constitutional order in Guinea-Bissau, says UN envoy (26.11.2013)

Constitutional order has still not been restored in Guinea-Bissau, which is recovering from an April 2012 coup. A transitional Government led by Transitional President Serifo Nhamadjo is in place until elections are held.

Report of the Secretary-General on developments in Guinea-Bissau (19.11.2013)

The report focuses exclusively on the status of implementation of the mandate of UNIOGBIS since the last report of the Secretary-General of 6 May 2013 (S/2013/262).

Guinea-Bissau trudging along in crisis (08.11.2013)

The delay of polls in Guinea-Bissau signals the likely extension of a transition period currently scheduled to wind down on 31 December.