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UN Mission in Liberia (UN-led)
Begin: 10/03

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Liberia: police to be restructured (13.05.2015)

Ahead of the United Nations Mission in Liberia or UNMIL drawdown plans, some government officials are seriously considering the restructuring the security sector before the departure of the UN troops here.

Beteiligung der Bundeswehr an Friedensmission in Liberia beschlossen (29.04.2015)

Bei ihrer Kabinettssitzung am 29. April hat die Bundesregierung beschlossen, sich mit bis zu fünf bewaffneten Soldatinnen und Soldaten der Bundeswehr an der Friedensmission der Vereinten Nationen in Liberia zu beteiligen. Das beantragte Mandat ist bis zum 31. Dezember 2016 befristet.

Security Council authorizes further downsizing of UN peacekeeping force in Liberia (02.04.2015)

The United Nations Security Council today adopted a resolution authorizing the third phase of a drawdown of the UN peacekeeping mission in Liberia to 3,590 military personnel and 1,515 police personnel, and deciding that the Mission’s mandate would no longer include electoral support.

Secretary-General appoints new force commander of UNMIL (09.01.2015)

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon announced today the appointment of Major General Salihu Zaway Uba of Nigeria as the Force Commander for the United Nations Mission in Liberia (UNMIL).

Security Council extends mandate of UN Liberia mission (15.12.2014)

Recognizing that grappling with the Ebola outbreak has slowed the Liberian Government’s efforts to advance certain governance and national reforms, the Security Council today extended the United Nations mission in the country (UNMIL), tailoring its mandate to focus on civilian protection,...

Security Council renews Liberia sanctions, with view to lifting them (09.12.2014)

The Security Council today renewed sanctions measures on Liberia for a further nine months, while recognizing the impact of the Ebola outbreak on peace and security as a factor for future decisions to modify or lift the restrictions.

UN considers future of Liberia mission (12.11.2014)

Head of U.N. Peacekeeping, Hervé Ladsous, told the Security Council on Wednesday that plans to continue to gradually draw down the mission have been put on hold as Liberia struggles to cope with an Ebola outbreak that has killed more than 2,800 people.

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