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Current Operations


EU Military Mission to Contribute to the Training of Somali Security Forces (EU)
Begin: 05/10

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African Union Mission in Somalia (Sonstige)
Begin: 01/07

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United Nations Assistance Mission in Somalia (UN-Peacebuilding)
Begin: 06/13

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Al-Shabab militants capture key Somali town (16.09.2016)

Al-Shabab militants have captured a key Somali town near with the border with Kenya, according to witnesses.

IGAD Mogadishu summit pledges continued support to Somalia (14.09.2016)

[…] The historic summit focused on the political and security progress made in Somalia, the country's upcoming 2016 elections, and the political crisis in South Sudan.

Can AMISOM exit Somalia responsibly by 2020? (24.08.2016)

The Peace and Security Council (PSC) has announced its plans to implement the gradual withdrawal of the African Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) from the country from October 2018 until December 2020.

Security Council expresses ‘regret’ over postponed electoral process in Somalia (19.08.2016)

The United Nations Security Council today expressed regret over a postponed timeline for this year’s parliamentary and presidential elections in Somalia, calling on all stakeholders to follow the revised 2016 electoral calendar “without further delay.”

African Union soldiers jailed over Somali fuel racket (16.08.2016)

Nine Ugandan soldiers serving as peacekeepers in Somalia have been jailed for running a fuel racket. The African Union (AU) said they had been sentenced to between one year and three years by a Ugandan military court, which sat in Somalia.

Somalia to move to party politics in bid to cut clan rivalry (10.08.2016)

Members of Somalia's new parliament to be elected this year must join a political party within two years or step down as part of efforts to shift the Horn of Africa nation away from clan-based politics, a forum of regional and national leaders said.

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