South Sudan

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Current Operations


European Union Naval Force Somalia - Operation Atalanta (EU)
Begin: 12/08

More Information


The Somali pirates are back - IRIN (19.07.2017)

An IRIN investigation reveals the extent to which Somalia’s pirates are back in business and this time it’s as much about smuggling people and weapons

EU force maintains pirate watch off Somalia (04.05.2017)

For the first time in years, piracy has returned to the coast of Somalia, with as many as six incidents reported in the last two months. But the European Union naval force patrolling the region, EU NAVFOR, says it continues to be successful in escorting ships carrying food aid to drought-stricken...

Pentagon warns ships as pirates again prowl waters off Somalia (23.04.2017)

Commercial ships must once again shore up their defenses against forced boardings at sea, United States Defense Department officials said on Sunday, warning that Somali pirates are returning to waters off East Africa after five years of calm.

Why Somali piracy is staging a comeback (18.04.2017)

After a five-year hiatus, hijackers have taken five vessels in the past month.

Recent attacks show pirates off Somalia’s coast still a potent threat – UN agency (05.04.2017)

[…] „After three attacks, following a lull of five years, it is clear that Somali pirates are resurgent and intent on continuing attacks on commercial shipping,” said UNODC Executive Director, Yury Fedotov, in a news release today.

Somalia piracy: India ship hijacked in new attack (03.04.2017)

Somali pirates have hijacked an Indian cargo vessel off the coast of the Puntland region, officials say. It was believed to have been travelling between Dubai and Bosasso, in Puntland, when it was seized. It is the second such attack recently. Last month, pirates seized a tanker bound for Mogadishu...

Somali security forces that freed pirated ship say NATO must do more (20.03.2017)

Somali officials whose forces freed a hijacked oil tanker and its eight Sri Lankan crew said on Sunday that NATO ships must do more to prevent the illegal fishing that locals say sparked the latest attack.

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