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OSCE Office in Yerevan

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Begin: 07/99

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Armenia and Azerbaijan: A season of risks – new ICG briefing (26.09.2013)

Stronger international engagement is needed to help prevent the deadly conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan from escalating gravely at a time of internal political tensions in both. In its latest briefing, “Armenia and Azerbaijan: A Season of Risks”, the International Crisis Group examines...

Armenian opposition asks court to rule that it won poll (04.03.2013)

Armenia's main opposition party said on Monday the country's president had rigged the result of a February poll and it called on the Constitutional Court to rule that it had been the winner. … The court has 10 days to give its ruling.

Thousands protest in Armenia after president re-elected (20.02.2013)

About 5,000 flag-waving protesters rallied on Wednesday against Armenian President Serzh Sarksyan's re-election, saying his victory was tainted by fraud.

Observers: Armenian vote lacked competition (18.02.2013)

International observers say Armenia's presidential vote was an improvement on recent elections but was not genuinely competitive.

Clear election run for Armenian President (28.01.2013)

Armenians will have a choice of eight candidates when they vote in a presidential ballot on February 18, but few doubt that President Serzh Sargsyan will win re-election easily.

Armenia: an opportunity for statesmanship – new ICG report (25.06.2012)

“Armenia: An Opportunity for Statesmanship”, the latest report from the International Crisis Group, examines the challenges before a pivotal presidential vote early next year that will determine whether the country has shed its more than a decade and a half of fraud-tainted electoral history.

Election observer sees democratic advance in Armenia (22.05.2012)

Commenting on the results of recently parliamentary elections in Armenia, analysts underscored democratic improvements and say the country may win more EU support through the European Neighbourhood Policy.