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Armenian election officials say constitutional amendments adopted (13.12.2015)

Armenia’s Central Election Commission on December 13 said amendments to the country’s constitution have been adopted, a week after a national referendum, transforming the country from a presidential to a parliamentary system of government.

EU expects no outside pressure on Armenia in new negotiations (02.11.2015)

The head of the EU delegation to Armenia has expressed confidence that planned negotiations on a new comprehensive political and economic agreement between the bloc and Yerevan won't be derailed by "a third party's negative involvement."

Armenia and Azerbaijan urged to honour truce after helicopter shot down (13.11.2014)

The Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) urged Armenia and Azerbaijan to honour their 20-year-old truce on Thursday, after Azeri forces shot down a military helicopter from a disputed region controlled by ethnic Armenians. The incident on Wednesday was the first of its kind...

Armenian Premier rules out early elections (27.10.2014)

Armenian Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamian has dismissed opposition calls for an immediate change of government, saying that if such a change is to take place, it will not be through early elections.

Armenia to sign agreement on joining customs union in May-June (19.04.2014)

Russian officials have tried to get other former Soviet republics into the union, saying that by 2015 it will become the Eurasian Economic Union and be modeled after the EU.

Armenia and Azerbaijan: A season of risks – new ICG briefing (26.09.2013)

Stronger international engagement is needed to help prevent the deadly conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan from escalating gravely at a time of internal political tensions in both. In its latest briefing, “Armenia and Azerbaijan: A Season of Risks”, the International Crisis Group examines...

Armenian opposition asks court to rule that it won poll (04.03.2013)

Armenia's main opposition party said on Monday the country's president had rigged the result of a February poll and it called on the Constitutional Court to rule that it had been the winner. … The court has 10 days to give its ruling.