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South Ossetia leader says treaty could call for joining Russia (11.12.2014)

Leonid Tibilov said on December 10 that his government will probably sign a treaty strengthening ties with Russia early next year. He said it would codify "a qualitatively new level of integration."

Is Georgia slipping away? (09.12.2014)

The recent sacking of Georgia’s most senior defense and foreign policymakers is symptomatic of the country’s ongoing political crisis, writes Svante Cornell. The shakeup also suggests that Tbilisi’s traditional Euro-Atlantic orientation can no longer be taken for granted.

Putin strengthens ties with Abkhazia; Tbilisi protests (24.11.2014)

President Vladimir Putin signed a "strategic partnership" agreement with Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia on Monday, angering Tbilisi, which said Moscow was looking to annex the territory. The agreement drew strong criticism from NATO and the European Union.

Georgian leader tells EU, NATO he remains on pro-Western path (17.11.2014)

Georgia's prime minister told the European Union and NATO on Monday that his country remained firmly committed to integration with both organizations after his dismissal of a pro-Western minister caused a political crisis.

Tbilisi concerned over Kremlin-proposed Abkhazia pact (15.10.2014)

Tbilisi has voiced concern over a reported Kremlin proposal to create a joint armed force of Russia and Georgia's breakaway Abkhazia region.

New EU Special Representative appointed (08.07.2014)

The Council today appointed Ambassador Herbert Salber as EU Special Representative for the South Caucasus and the crisis in Georgia.

NATO to strengthen ties with Georgia, not offer full membership (25.06.2014)

NATO members, wary of antagonizing Russia, will propose closer ties with Georgia but stop short of granting full membership to the one-time Soviet republic, the alliance's top official said Wednesday.