Kosovo-Serbia deal 'not even close', Vucic says (10.09.2018)

On his two-day visit to Kosovo, Serbian President Aleksandar Vucic denied the two countries were near a solution to their dispute, and was prevented from visiting a Serb-majority village.

West in diplomatic push to boost Macedonia referendum (05.09.2018)

The German and Austrian Chancellors and NATO Secretary-General all visit Macedonia this week to support government efforts to ensure a successful referendum on the historic ‘name’ agreement with Greece.

EU's Kosovo-Serbia talks restart this week (03.09.2018)

[…] EU foreign relations chief Federica Mogherini will hold talks with Kosovo president Hashim Thaci and Serbian head of state Aleksandar Vucic in Brussels on Friday (7 September).

U.S. ready to widen arms supplies to Ukraine – special envoy (01.09.2018)

The United States is ready to widen arms supplies to Ukraine to help build up the country's naval and air defense forces in the face of continuing Russian support for eastern separatists, the U.S. special envoy for Ukraine told The Guardian.

EU foreign ministers voice concern over possible Kosovo-Serbia land swap (31.08.2018)

European Union foreign ministers joined Germany in expressing concerns about a possible territorial exchange between Kosovo and Serbia, warning it could reignite age-old ethnic tensions. … The remarks came after German Chancellor Angela Merkel on August 14 warned against any border changes, saying...

Opposition demands vote to 'protect Kosovo's territory' (29.08.2018)

Kosovo opposition parties have called for an extraordinary parliamentary session on September 4 to put a resolution to a vote which they say will protect the country’s territorial integrity amid controversial suggestions of a land swap with Serbia as part of a final deal between Pristina and...

Thousands protest against government in Moldovan capital (26.08.2018)

Thousands of people have rallied in Moldova's capital to protest against the Democratic Party-led government. The August 26 rally was the latest in a series of protests against the government, protests that have been driven in large part by Romanians and Moldovans living out of the county.

Republika Srpska seeks to establish truth about Srebrenica (20.08.2018)

The RS Government has decided to form an independent international commission on the events in and around Srebrenica in the period from 1992-1995