Middle East

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Toward a lasting ceasefire in Gaza ¬ ICG briefing (23.10.2014)

In its latest briefing, Toward a Lasting Ceasefire in Gaza, the International Crisis Group analyses the recent fighting and argues that a more enduring ceasefire is possible.

Germany to send military training mission to northern Iraq (23.10.2014)

Germany is sending a mission to northern Iraq to examine whether its military, and possibly other European nations, can expand training of Kurdish forces battling Islamic jihadists there, Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said Wednesday.

UN chief says moving ahead with Gaza war inquiry (21.10.2014)

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon said on Tuesday he was setting up an investigation into attacks on United Nations facilities during Israel's recent war against Hamas militants in the Gaza Strip and the use of UN sites to store weapons.

UN tells Israel, Palestinians to stop unilateral actions (21.10.2014)

UN chief Ban Ki-moon urged Israel and the Palestinians on Tuesday to move away from unilateral actions stoking tensions and make the "tough compromises" needed to end their decades-old conflict.

UN official warns of possible genocide against Iraqi Yazidis (21.10.2014)

“Actions taken against Yazidis may amount to attempt of genocide. Why? Because they are defined by their religion and the only option they have is either to convert or to be killed," said Assistant Secretary-General for Human Rights Ivan Simonovic.

Iraq crisis: MPs complete anti-IS government (18.10.2014)

Iraqi MPs have approved new defence and interior ministers, completing a unity government that is battling the spread of Islamic State militants.

Centcom designates operations against ISIL as ‘Inherent Resolve’ (15.10.2014)

The Defense Department has come up with a name for the American military strikes against the Islamic State: Operation Inherent Resolve.

IS militants continue deadly attacks across Iraq (15.10.2014)

Islamic State militants continue to unleash a daily wave of multiple car bombings in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, and across other parts of the country in an apparent bid to destabilize Iraq's faltering military forces.

UN mission calls for restraint following explosion, retaliatory fire (07.10.2014)

The United Nations peacekeeping force in Lebanon today urged maximum restraint after two Israeli soldiers were wounded in the Shaba’a area as a result of an improvised explosive device, and Israel retaliated with artillery fire towards the area of Kfar Shouba hills.