Middle East

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UN chief urges return to two-State negotiations for Israel and Palestine (21.04.2015)

The prospects of a two-State solution in the Middle East are getting dimmer with potentially explosive consequences for the entire region, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon warned today as he urged the international community to boost efforts at bringing both Israeli and Palestinian...

Lebanon’s civil war: seven lessons forty years on - ISS Alert (10.04.2015)

Four decades ago, on 13 April 1975, the Lebanese civil war broke out. The conflict, which lasted 15 years, cost 150,000 lives, injured 300,000, and led to the emigration of almost a million people, brought the Lebanese state to near collapse. With similar conflicts now spreading throughout the...

EU weighs new methods to coax Israel back to peace talks (27.03.2015)

The European Union is assessing new ways to push Israel back to the peace negotiating table with the Palestinians for a deal based on a two-state solution, working in tandem with the United States, EU officials say.

UN chief urges Israel peace deal with Palestinians for state (19.03.2015)

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon responded to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's election victory with a call Wednesday for the new government to negotiate a final peace agreement that will create "a viable Palestinian state."

Recent violence across Blue Line could spur new conflict – Security Council (19.03.2015)

The Security Council today expressed deep concern at recent incidents across the Blue Line and in the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL) area of operations, underlining that such events could lead to a new conflict that “none of the parties — or the region — can afford”.

EU names new Middle East special envoy (16.03.2015)

EU foreign ministers named Fernando Gentilini on Monday as new special representative for the Middle East, filling a post vacant since early 2014 in the hope of getting the stalled peace process back on track, officials said.

Battle escalates as Iraqi forces try to recapture Tikrit from Islamic State (12.03.2015)

Iraqi forces pressed deeper into one of the Islamic State’s key strongholds Thursday, further challenging the militants’ hold on the city of Tikrit in a decisive battle that could set the stage for a wider offensive for control of northern Iraq.

Lebanon lawmakers fail to pick president for 20th time (11.03.2015)

Lebanon's parliament failed for the 20th time Wednesday to elect a president, after more than nine months with no head of state because of tensions linked to war-torn neighbour Syria.

Panel seeks more time for Gaza war-crimes inquiry (09.03.2015)

A United Nations panel investigating possible war crimes in last year’s Gaza conflict said Monday that it needed more time in view of the resignation of its chairman last month.