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Clock is ticking for ceasefire with Colombia’s ELN rebels (13.06.2018)

Chances that the ELN, Colombia’s last-standing guerrilla group, will cease fire in support of peace talks are decreasing by the day. Gustavo Bell, the former vice-president who has been negotiating peace with the rebel group, told press on Tuesday that his team is doing everything it can to agree...

Colombian election throws future of peace deal into doubt (06.06.2018)

Billed as the first peacetime Colombian election in more than half a century, the presidential run-off on 17 June has become a referendum on peace itself, or at least on whether the sluggishly implemented 2016 accords that officially ended 52 years of conflict between the state and Revolutionary...

NATO can benefit from Columbia’s expertise in Afghan peace (01.06.2018)

NATO’s Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg has said the alliance can benefit from Columbia’s expertise in the Afghan peace process as the Latin American country became a new ally to the organization.

In Colombia, far-right and hard-left candidates will vie for presidency (27.05.2018)

Iván Duque, 41, a conservative former senator, won about 39 percent of the vote, election officials said Sunday night. Gustavo Petro, 58, a former leftist rebel who rose to become mayor of Bogotá, the capital, won about 25 percent.

EU beefs up Colombia election monitoring commission amid growing fraud scandal (22.05.2018)

The announcement came after leftist candidate Gustavo Petro clashed with the administration of President Juan Manuel Santos over a growing scandal over widespread fraud that allegedly altered “between 10% and 20%” of the outcome of legislative elections in March.

New Colombia Truth Commission to focus on society's 'most fragile' (16.05.2018)

The head of a new commission formed to expose the truth behind human rights abuses committed during Colombia's long civil war has said it will focus on society's "most fragile" and look at why sexual violence against women was so prominent.

Colombia’s government and ELN rebels resume peace talks in Cuba (10.05.2018)

Peace talks between Colombia’s government and last-standing guerrilla group, the ELN, resumed in Cuba on Thursday. … Both the state and the ELN confirmed that at the top of the peace agenda is to establish the aforementioned bilateral ceasefire, with hopes it can be achieved ahead of the May 27...

Colombia truth commission takes force to seek answers for 8.5 million victims (09.05.2018)

The truth commission meant to clarify why Colombia’s armed conflict degenerated into victimizing more than eight million people was inaugurated by President Juan Manuel Santos on Tuesday. The 11- member commission began its preliminary investigations months ago already and will be expected to...

Colombia seeks new ceasefire with ELN before elections (25.04.2018)

The chief negotiator of Colombia’s government said Tuesday that he hopes to have agreement on a ceasefire with ELN guerrillas before the first presidential election round next month.