ZIF Paper

Conference reports and articles on various subjects related to the field of international peace operations are published intermittently as ZIF papers.

ZIF Workshop Report | Stabilization Instruments Revisited: Increasing the Likelihood of Positive Impact 10/2016 Download (125 kB)
ZIF Report | Clearing the Decks After a Year of Reviews: Operationalizing Peace Operations Reform 04/2016 Download (435 kB)
ZIF Background Paper | Making Reform Reality - Enabling Change for United Nations Peace Operations 05/2016 Download (165 KB)
ZIF Study | Stress Management in Peace Operations 08/2015 Download (1.2 MB)
ZIF Conference Report | Integrating Economic, Social, and Cultural Rights in Transitional Justice Processes: A Vehicle for Reform in the Middle East and North Africa? 01/2015 Download (420 kB)
ZIF In Mission | Global Mission Experience as Resource 05/2014 Download (535 kB)
ZIF In Mission | Career Boost or Career Bust? Securing Civilian Expertise for Peace Operations - Developing Actice Recruitment and Guidance 05/2014 Download (580 kB)
ZIF Conference Report | Robustness, Cooperation with Local Forces and the UN Human Rights Due Diligence Policy (HRDDP) 04/2014 Download (631 kB)
ZIF Conference Report | Criminal Justice and Accountability in Arab Transition Processes 10/2013 Download (609 kB)
ZIF-IPI-Pearson Conference Report | Enhancing European Military and Police Contributions to UN Peacekeeping 02/2013 Download (900 kB)
ZIF Conference Report | The West African Region: Between Peace Dividends and the Road to Recovery 05/2012 Download (700 kB)
ZIF Conference Report | Islamic Law, the Rule of Law, and International Peace Operations 03/2012 Download (893 KB)
ZIF Paper | Managing Enteqal 11/2011 Download (214 KB)
CIC/ZIF Conference Report | Towards An Understanding Of Peacekeeping Partnerships 06/2008 Download (129 KB)