Consulting on Human Resources Capacity Development

Mandates and duties in international peace operations are becoming ever more complex and specific, leading to a growing demand for highly qualified personnel. This increases the need for action for national governments and multilateral organizations, such as the UN, the EU, OSCE or AU with respect to the recruitment, preparation, placement, and support of civilian personnel. These actors respond to this need by realigning existing or building new civilian capacities with a focus on the development of national competencies. In order to mobilize these national capacities innovative partnership models will increasingly be required. This leads to a rising demand for consulting and capacity building on models, processes, procedures, tools and lessons learned in human resource work in international contexts.

Since its establishment ZIF has been actively involved in the exchange of experience and knowledge transfer on human resource work in international peace operations. Meanwhile, ZIF’s work in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office for the recruitment of personnel for peace operations is globally recognized as successful role model. ZIF consults on civilian capacity building worldwide.

In this context ZIF currently conducts the following consultancy project: