German Training Partner Platform

In 2008, ZIF initiated a platform of exchange among national training institutions to support the comprehensive approach of international peace support operations at the national level. Members of the platform are representatives from the following training institutions:


The goal of the National Platform of Training Institutions is to make use of the different resources available and build on synergies that exist among the institutions in the area of training and preparation of experts for working in peace support operations. It also serves as a forum of regular information exchange, the development of joint training standards, and the carrying out of joint training courses, currently on the following topics:


The close cooperation among the training institutions and the joint preparation of experts for deployment strengthens the mutual understanding of the roles of civilian, police and military personnel in a mission.


By participating in international, multi-dimensional exercises, like the „Viking 11“ Exercise, ZIF ensures that the civilian components are not just considered, but actively included in the planning of peace support operations.


Furthermore since 2009, the National Platform of Training Institutions actively participates in the annual conference of the International Association of Peacekeeping Training Centres (IAPTC).