Training Module “United Nations Peacekeeping Operations” (LGAN)

Next dates: 03.09.2018 - 14.09.2018
Deadline: 01.07.2018

Course Description

This “training module” is an essential part of the 2 years-staff officer training programme, run by the Command and Staff College of the German Armed Forces with the objective to prepare future staff officers at planning level for assignments in key functions with the United Nations. The course is held in English.


This training is held in English.


Learning Objectives
The course provides a global overview of the mission planning process of the UN and focuses on all other relevant related aspects in this context, on the political/planning and operational levels. This training represents a perfect introduction the working mechanism of the UN System.
This realistic mixture of different organisational cultures is particularly valuable for the 1 week map exercise (BLUE ANGEL) in which participants will play key functions in an UN Mission HQ in a start up situation. The participants will play the role in which they have their specific field of experience. The aim of the exercise is to develop a mission plan with all main components as there are: Political Action Plan, Military Concept of Operations, Police Concept of Operations, Elections, DDR, Development Plan and Logistics Support.



Course Modules

  • The UN System: Main Organs and Tasks;
  • Functioning of the UN Security Council and Birth of a Mandate;
  • The Strategic Environment of UN Peacekeeping Operations;
  • UN Peacekeeping Operations, Structure and Components;
  • UN Mission HQ and Force HQ, Structures and Chain of Command;
  • The UN Logistics System;
  • Medical Support and Planning Procedures, Stress Management;
  • The Role of Elections in Peacekeeping Operations;
  • Principles for Civil-Military Co-operation in Peacekeeping Missions;
  • Rules of Engagement (RoE) and Code of Conduct;
  • Integrated Analysis Planning (IAP) and Military Operational Planning Process (MOPP);
  • Tactical Elements of Peacekeeping;
  • Force Generation for UN Peacekeeping Missions.


Course Audience

The module targets civilian experts with mission experience, preferably with the United Nations operating in staff functions or at middle management and above in peace support operations. ZIF has been invited to send up to 15 participants per training. This module is open to members of the ZIF Expert Roster as well as to external candidates.



The course takes place at the German Armed Forces Command and Staff College (Führungsakademie der Bundeswehr) in Hamburg, Germany. 


Course Fee

There is no course fee. The accommodation is provided free of charge by the Command and Staff College. However, participants have to cover catering costs. Insurance and travel costs are not included in the course fee and will not be reimbursed.


ZIF does not offer scholarships.


Application Procedure

Applying for the course is done through the ZIF database. Please click on the 'Apply Now' button on the top right side of this webpage and follow the directions that match your profile.