Training of Trainers

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Quick Facts


ZIF does not offer scholarships and does not cover travel costs.

Course Description

Successful crisis management, stabilisation and peace support missions rely on the availability of well-prepared experts who can transfer their knowledge and skills to their colleagues and counterparts, who in turn depend on high quality training activities designed for specific purpose. This course recognises that training is critical to the achievement of successful operational outcomes.

The key objective of this course is to build in-mission capacities for training purposes, to enhance the ability of missions to adapt to the steadily changing capacity-building requirements of international peace operations and to strengthen in-mission capability to deliver high quality training.


This course aims to strengthen the training competencies of international and national personnel of peace operations missions in designing and delivering training courses in order to build local capacities for peace.


Learning objectives

At the end of the course participants are able to

  • Describe and know how learning theories can be applied to design high-impact training sessions in the context of peace operations,
  • Reflect on own training and communication style as well as own role as a trainer;
  • Design a (gender mainstreamed and conflict sensitive) training, matching training needs and target audience;
  • Facilitate a range of participatory training activities and presentations relevant to their area of expertise and working context;
  • Choose and use appropriate methods of evaluation.

Course Audience

  • Personnel working in crisis management or peace operations (EU, AU, UN, OSCE or other), who conduct training and coaching sessions as subject matter experts or trainers.
  • Professionals (tied to institutions or free-lance) involved in designing and planning training programmes for individuals working or planning to engage in crisis management missions and peace operations.
  • Experts from NGOs are welcome to apply. The organizers also welcome applications from national mission staff.

Course venue

Entebbe, Uganda
Further information on the venue will follow soon.

Course Fee

All candidates have to cover their own travel expenses.


There is no participation fee. Full board accommodation (in single rooms) will be provided free of charge to civilian participants. Course participants from the military are required to cover all costs, accommodation, board and travel.

Application process

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