Women, Peace & Security

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Quick Facts

ZIF does not offer scholarships and does not cover travel costs.

Course Description

In modern armed conflicts, often civilians- especially women and children – are affected most by the violence. Caught in the midst of conflict, or even as actual targets of attacks, they are vulnerable victims that suffer serious harm, which also has gruesome long-term effects.


When rebuilding a society and its institutions after war, the involvement of women and children is indispensable. Therefore, peace operations must integrate a gender perspective into their activities on the strategic, conceptual, and operational levels. This course raises awareness of the gender perspective in the work of peace operations and prepares personnel to carry out gender-sensitive activities in their duty areas.


The Women, Peace & Security course was developed within the framework of the German Training Partner Platform in cooperation with the Police College Baden-Württemberg in Wertheim, the Police Academy of North Rhine-Westphalia in Brühl and the Bundeswehr UN Training Centre


The course will be held in English. 



Learning objectives and course content

Learning objectives


The course raises the participant’s awareness of the impact that multidimensional peacekeeping operations  have on the gender dynamics in the host nations. It is meant to shape strategies for the integration of a gender perspectives into the work of the three institutions - civilian, police, and military - of a peace operation.


Course Modules

  • Definition: Gender Mainstreaming, Gender Equality, Gender Balance, etc.
  • Importance of Integrating a Gender Perspective in mission activities
  • Factors Influencing the Role of Women
  • Impact of Conflict on Men and Women
  • International Legal Framework on Gender
  • Challenges in post-conflict areas: domestic violence, human trafficking, FGM
  • Networking with Partners
  • Reports from the Field



Course Audience

This course is designed for experts who work in the field of crisis management and who have experience in peace operations or international organizations. This course is open to civilian, police, and military experts. It is not necessary for you to have prior experience with the issue of gender. However, experience in peace operations or with international organisations in crisis areas is a requirement in order to attend the course.



Course venue

The Women, Peace & Security training course takes place at the Hochschule für Polizei Baden-Württemberg in Böblingen, Germany.



Course Fee

For members of the ZIF Expert Roster


Since ZIF is a member of the National Training Partner Platform, members of the ZIF Expert Roster only have to cover the cost for accommodation and food.

Usually, the cost are about 130.00/week. Insurance and travel costs are not included in the course fee and will not be reimbursed.


ZIF does not offer scholarships.


For external applicants

For external applicants the costs are 675.00/week. Insurance, visa and travel costs are not included.



Application process

For members of the ZIF Expert Roster


If you are a member of the ZIF Expert Roster, please apply via your profile in the ZIF database by clicking on the 'Apply Now' button on the top right side of this webpage and following the directions. If the application deadline has passed, please contact the ZIF course contact person directly.


Please note that we require a short and relevant motivation statement (min. 2 paragraphs, max. 1 page) for this course.


For external applicants


All external applicants send their application (motivation letter and CV) directly to Mr. Walter Sturm at Walter.Sturm(at)polizei.bwl.de. You cannot apply for this course via the ZIF database.


Please make sure you fit the requirements listed in the section on 'Course Audience' before applying.