Aktuelle Informationen zu Friedenseinsätzen und COVID-19

The impact of COVID-19 on peace operations (02.04.2020)

A few weeks ago, peace operations across the world began swiftly adapting to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 disease. Missions have been forced to take unprecedented steps to cope with the coronavirus pandemic. These efforts may be just the beginning, and much more significant reductions and...

UN secretary general: recovery from the coronavirus crisis must lead to a better world (02.04.2020)

We must ensure a sufficiently global and coordinated response to the pandemic, then build resilience for the future.

NATO chief: pandemic won't hamper alliance's capabilities (01.04.2020)

Jens Stoltenberg says immediate primary objective is to 'make sure a health crisis does not become a security crisis'.

Peacekeeping radio stations provide COVID-19 information to vulnerable communities in conflict-affected countries (27.03.2020)

UN Peacekeeping radio stations have in recent decades helped build support for peace process in a dozen countries around the world including Cambodia, Croatia, Namibia and Timor-Leste. Today, these stations are playing another vital role – getting the word out to vulnerable communities in...

COVID-19 and conflict: seven trends to watch (24.03.2020)

Deadly and disruptive as it already is, and terribly as it could yet worsen and spread, the 2020 coronavirus outbreak could also have political effects that last long after the contagion is contained.

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