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EUNAVFOR MED Operation Sophia

European Union Naval Force - Mediterranean Operation Sophia (EU)

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European Union Border Assistance Mission in Libya (EU)

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United Nations Support Mission in Libya (UN-geführt)
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Libya parliament chief allied to Haftar rules out talks before Tripoli captured (13.06.2019)

The head of the Libyan parliament aligned with eastern forces trying to seize the capital from the internationally-backed government said on Thursday there could be no peace talks until they had captured the city.

Why interim government supports Hifter in Libya (12.06.2019)

[…] In an interview with Al-Monitor, the foreign minister of the interim Libyan government, Abdul Hadi al-Hweij, spoke about the reasons behind his government’s support for the Libyan National Army (LNA) in the battle for Tripoli, the future scenario in case the LNA takes control of the capital and...

UN chief Antonio Guterres: Libya arms embargo must be enforced (11.06.2019)

All countries must implement a UN arms embargo against Libya with illegal weapons transfers by land, sea and air fueling the current fighting in the oil-rich country, UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres said. Guterres made the appeal in a report circulated on Monday before the UN Security...

African Union warns Libya heading towards a real war (03.06.2019)

The Commissioner for Peace and Security of the African Union, Sma?l Chergui said that the recent developments in Tripoli force us to reconsider the Libyan situation, which seems to be heading toward a real war, as he put it.

No Libya ceasefire – newspaper (27.05.2019)

Libyan eastern commander Khalifa Haftar ruled out a ceasefire in the battle for Tripoli and accused the United Nations of seeking to partition Libya, according to an interview with French newspaper Le Journal du Dimanche.

Stopping the war for Tripoli – new ICG briefing (23.05.2019)

Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar’s march on Tripoli has ground to a halt in a war of attrition with the internationally recognised government’s forces on the city’s outskirts. The parties should conclude a ceasefire including Haftar’s partial withdrawal as a prelude to renewed UN peace talks.

Libya's Haftar reportedly rules out cease-fire in talks with France's Macron (22.05.2019)

Libyan eastern commander Khalifa Haftar told French President Emmanuel Macron that conditions for a cease-fire were not in place, although he would be ready to talk if those conditions were met, a French presidency official said. Macron and French officials have for several weeks called for an...

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